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Questions raised about Ronnie Mosley’s work history


Photo caption: RONNIE MOSLEY IS a candidate for the 21st Ward.

Defiant 21st ward candidate still claims Morehouse degree on resume

While hitting the books at Morehouse College, Ronnie Mosley established an impressive resumé that included a string of jobs with some prominent organizations and employers.

During his college days at Morehouse, Mosley had 16 jobs.

But a Crusader examination of Mosley’s resumé raises questions of his job history, a history that eventually led to his rise as a political advisor for Governor J.B. Pritzker during Pritzker’s successful 2022 re-election campaign.

There are questions as to how a struggling college student in Atlanta can hold multiple jobs that include some being held in other states. At one point during his college days, Mosley held two jobs with the exact same start and finish dates. And those jobs were far flung, in Chicago and in the Washington, D.C., area.

Those facts raise questions about the 31-years-old’s work history on his resumé that include a job as legislative aide in Georgia for six years. But while he was in Georgia, Mosley worked six other jobs, at different times in different states, all while being a legislative aide for a Georgia state senator and while studying for a degree at Morehouse College.

From last week’s Crusader investigative reporting, readers learned that Mosley, who is running for alderman in the 21st Ward, fabricated his resume by claiming he graduated from Morehouse when he never did.

Despite admitting on WVON’s Perri Small Show that he just attended Morehouse College, Mosley still claims a bachelor’s degree in Urban Studies Management from the institution on his resumé on LinkedIn, his website, his Chicago Tribune questionnaire and a video on his Twitter feed.

Now new questions have emerged about Mosley’s work history, which include him having multiple jobs with overlapping employment dates at organizations that are hundreds of miles apart.

On his resume on LinkedIn, Mosley claims of holding 16 jobs from 2009 to 2022. During most of the period, from 2009 to 2018, Mosley was enrolled in Morehouse College, raising questions of whether Mosley as a young student could have held multiple jobs at the same time.

Last week, the Crusader confirmed that Mosley worked for Gov. Pritzker from December 2021 to December 2022. Records with the State Board of Elections show Pritzker’s officer paid Mosley twice a month for a total of $47,832.67.

But the biggest question on Mosley’s work history centers on his time where he worked as a legislative aide in the state of Georgia from 2011 to 2016. During that time period, Mosley claims to have worked at seven organizations, organizations in Georgia, Illinois and the Washington D.C., area. Listed with these positions are employment start and finish dates that sometimes overlap one another.

One of those jobs on Mosley’s resumé includes his work on Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s re-election campaign in 2014. Records from the State Board of Elections show that Emanuel paid Mosley a total of $11,341.33 in bi-weekly payments from October 2, 2014 to March 15, 2015.

That employment took place at the same time Mosley said he worked for the Georgia State Senate as a legislative aide to State Senator Vincent Fort from January 2011 to April 2016.

During these years, Mosley’s resumé also includes jobs or gigs at five organizations and companies located hundreds of miles apart.

These jobs include Mosley working as an organizer for the Center for American Progress in the metro Washington, D.C., area from May 2014 to September 2014. During that same time period, Mosley served as education manager for Saint Sabina Catholic Church in Chicago’s Auburn Gresham area from May 2014 to September 2014.

Before that job, Mosley’s resumé says he worked as a director for the Georgians For Better Transit campaign between June 2013 to January 2014. Prior to this, Mosley’s resumé says he worked as a fellow for Obama for America in metro Atlanta from May 2012 to November 2012 and as an intern at the pest extermination company Rollins, Inc., in Atlanta from May 2012 to July 2012.

In the final two years as a legislative aide in Georgia, Mosley’s resumé shows that he worked as assistant to 8th Ward Alderman Michelle Harris from 2015 to 2018. Harris, who donated $5,000 to Mosley’s campaign on February 15, did not respond to an email from the Crusader that sought to verify Mosley’s employment in her office during those years.

Mosley claims to have worked at all these jobs in different states while a student at Morehouse between 2009 to 2018.

The Crusader was unable to verify any of Mosley’s jobs that he claims he worked from 2011 to 2016. The question remains whether Mosley’s employers knew he had just a high school diploma before they hired him.

Whether Mosley could manage working multiple jobs in different states while being a student at Morehouse College is doubtful. The HBCU institution offers online courses, but it is not clear whether Mosley took this route as a student or physically took classes at the school in Atlanta.

There are also questions whether Mosley was a full-time or part-time student during his time at Morehouse as he worked multiple jobs.

Seeking answers and phone contacts to his past employers, the Crusader texted Mosley. His public affairs consulting firm, APS & Associates, responded, “Erik (sic), the Mosley campaign won’t be providing any comments.”

There are also questions as to why Mosley never earned a degree from Morehouse despite being enrolled for nine years, according to Morehouse’s registrar’s office, which said he attended Morehouse from 2009 to 2018.

In various news outlets, Mosley changes his story about his matriculation at Morehouse. On Tuesday, February 21, Mosley told Politico’s Illinois Playbook he attended Morehouse for six years but on Perri Small’s show on WVON on February 17, he said he attended the school from 2009 to 2018.

During that same interview with Small, Mosley admitted that he does not have a college degree from Morehouse.

However, Mosley made another false claim that he never presented himself as a Morehouse graduate during his campaign for alderman despite telling a Crusader journalist he did. When Small asked Mosley why the Chicago Tribune says he has a bachelor’s degree in Urban Studies Management listed on his questionnaire, Mosley didn’t answer her question. Instead he said, “Yeah, on my website, it says I went to Morehouse, on my literature that’s gone out, it says I went to Morehouse.”

Since the Crusader’s first story was published questioning Mosley’s credentials, Morehouse has confirmed that Mosley was never an Adams Scholar despite Mosley’s claims of that on his resumé on LinkedIn. The honor is awarded to Morehouse students “who balance academic excellence with a commitment to community service.”

The Tribune endorsed Mosley as alderman for the 21st Ward before learning he falsely claimed to have a Morehouse degree.

Despite Mosley’s admission on WVON of never having graduated from Morehouse College, his resume on LinkedIn still says he has a bachelor’s degree from the school. His campaign website says he “completed studies” at Morehouse as another way of implying he graduated. And Mosley’s Tribune questionnaire still says he is a Morehouse graduate. Because he is not talking, it’s uncertain if Mosley will ask the Tribune to correct the false claim and print the truth.

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