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President Joe Biden is a miserable failure

Beyond the Rhetoric
By Harry C. Alford

It didn’t take long for the entire world to realize that Joe Biden is in no way a President Donald Trump. Almost immediately, things have started changing for the worse. Fortunately, things like the “Warp Speed” immunizations were far enough down the track that progress against the COVID-19 pandemic was far enough “down the track” that silly Joe Biden could not hurt the plans that were in place and progress was moving like a “steam roller.”

Thank God for that! Progress against the pandemic is well down the track and far enough out of the reach of “silly Joe Biden.” Our progress is in overdrive, and no bad policy coming out of the new and faltering White House management can hurt the improvements. We can put away our masks now.  It is time for confidence, thanks to former President Donald Trump.

As far as energy such as gas production goes, the status is quite different.

Biden seems to be trying to hurt our oil production in every way possible.  He has shrunk the production and cancelled great plans to increase our output and lower our costs of production. In fact, within 100 days, he has crippled our energy production.

The Keystone Pipeline production has been cut while Russia starts mass production to exceed us in becoming the number one oil producing nation in the world. Things have become so topsy turvy that Russia will soon become the major producer of oil while the once mighty United States starts to falter, relegated to the back of the production line.

This turnaround has happened within a short 100-day period of the Biden administration. Imagine that we might have to go to Russia to buy needed oil production while they become the new world leader. It is happening before our eyes and we seem to be helpless.

It is even worse! A gang of energy hackers based in Russia and free from policing is hacking our reserves and then putting them up for ransom. To our shock, they have demanded $5 million bitcoins in ransom for the stolen codes and we, like a helpless child, have put up that ransom. The crooks live in Russia and go without fear of any law enforcement while we pray that they don’t hurt us.

Biden has turned our nation into a pure “Sissy!” We paid a ransom, which means get ready for routine rip offs while Vladimir Putin smiles and we ache in embarrassment.

There are other shockers becoming evident.

Such as, it appears that some elements of our Centers for Disease Control (CDC) may have been donating research money to China in terms of developing the COVID-19 virus. Unbelievable but true.

The Biden Administration appears to be quite friendly and unpatriotic to our own scientific endeavors to a national threat and deadly risk. That all seems to be cool with “far left” Joe Biden.

We must ask the question, “Who is this guy working for?” Millions of Americans have died and perhaps American money was used in the dirty deed. May God save us. People, this is not allegation, it is fact!  We are in the middle of a horror story concocted through one national election and the far-left ambition of a few socialists.

So much for our energy security.

Let’s talk about our southern border and the security that is supposed to be in place. The wall, fences and guard stations have all collapsed under the first 100 days of Biden. Illegals are crossing into our sovereign land like Interstate 5 going south. Only, it is coming north.

A record number of illegals has been crossing our southern border like never before. The face of America is changing. Oh yes, President Joe has appointed Vice President Kamala Harris as the vanguard to keep our southern border safe. That has turned out to be a dismal failure. Hell, she hasn’t even gone to look at the disaster with her own eyes.

It is total failure any way you look at it. Millions of illegals are coming into our nation with no resistance whatsoever. Our nation is being handed over to the wicked and criminal operators south of our border and Joe doesn’t seem to care. In fact, he may like it.

Our economy, status, law and order are in disarray. It is a shame, and the press doesn’t seem to care about it. The United States is in reverse and somebody better wake us up before the team of Biden and Harris destroys us beyond repair.

At no period in my lifetime have I seen so much reversal and mismanagement coming from our White House and Capitol. If things don’t turn around soon, America will be doomed for failure, and it is happening at lightning speed.

It is now time for us to worry. Worry like never before. May God save us!

Mr. Alford is the Co-Founder, President/CEO, of the National Black Chamber of Commerce®. halford@

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