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Possible lawsuit against CPS for wrongfully firing Black Lindblom principal

Photo caption: Lindblom Math & Science Academy

Attorney Crump to weigh in on possible lawsuit

Nationally acclaimed Attorney Ben Crump held a press conference Thursday morning, July 6, Outside CPS Headquarters at 42 W. Madison Street, where he announced his partnership with Attorney Sa’ad Alim Muhammad, the lawyer for fired Lindblom Math & Science Academy Principal Abdul Muhammad.

As plans for a lawsuit proceed, Crump, joined by Attorney Sa’ad Alim Muhammad, met with Father Michael Pfleger, Mr. Abdul Muhammad and Troy LaRaviere, president of the Chicago Principals & Administrator’s Association.

Crump said there is a way to ensure Blacks win the war of unequal treatment and educational discrimination. That way, he said, is to make sure our children are more intelligent than those who seek to oppress them. “We have to be intentional about preparing our children.”

According to Attorney Muhammad, Mr. Abdul Muhammad’s lawyer, he has documented 82 lies and misrepresentations against his client. Both the attorney and Pfleger said Mr. Adbul Muhammad was fired after 258 days as principal of Lindblom Math & Science Academy because he brought accountability to the school, which some teachers resented, including one he caught mismanaging school money.

In a recent interview with the Chicago Crusader, Attorney Muhammad said, “The problem is Mr. Muhammad came into the school holding everyone accountable to the standards of CPS. That’s his infraction? That is the way it’s being presented.

“So, people were comfortable with how they were handling the finances, money and operations of the school, and they did not like him coming in changing the status quo which was completely subpar. That added to the tension of not because of him doing something wrong. It’s because of him doing something right,” Attorney Muhammad explained.

He said Mr. Muhammad was selected as the new principal on July 7, 2022 by the Local School Council (LSC) over the objection of seven white teachers, one of whom sent an email to the LSC warning them that their chosen candidate was a Muslim. Mr. Muhammad was fired on March 31, 2023 without a hearing or determination of facts, according to Attorney Muhammad.

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