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Political figures weigh in on President Biden’s latest State of the Union address

President Joe Biden during his State of the Union address. (Courtesy: Twitter/The White House)

Gov. JB Pritzker’s statement on President Biden’s third State of the Union address

Governor JB Pritzker

Following President Joe Biden’s third State of the Union address, Governor JB Pritzker has released the following statement: 

“Tonight, President Biden laid out a vision for the future of our nation – one that respects individual freedoms, working families, our international allies, and the fundamental values that built this republic. The message is clear – together we can continue the historic progress of the last four years and create a future that lifts all communities and leaves no one behind. 

“What has been accomplished under President Biden is nothing short of remarkable. Before Biden took office, our country was in the worst health crisis in history and our economy was in free fall. Today, nearly 15 million jobs have been created. Manufacturing jobs that had been shipped overseas by Donald Trump are returning home, seniors are benefiting from lower prescription drug prices, and working families have a tireless ally in the Oval Office. But as Biden made clear tonight, there is still so much work to be done. 

“Under President Biden’s leadership, we can keep moving forward. We can ensure that every family feels the benefit of a growing economy, that every woman has her rights protected, and that the principles of our democracy remain strong. But in November, all that is at risk. 

“Americans face a stark choice – the chance to protect our rights, our freedoms, and our hard-fought progress or a future that rips that all away. Because if there is one certain thing, it’s that Donald Trump cares not at all about everyday Americans. Trump is motivated only by his own political gain, even if it means selling out our families, our rights, and our country. That is the stark contrast presented tonight. The stakes in this election couldn’t be higher.”

Statement from Representative Lauren Underwood (D-IL 14th District)

Representative Lauren Underwood

At tonight’s State of the Union address, President Biden shared Democrats’ impressive accomplishments and progress, and it reminds us of the critical work Lauren does tirelessly advocate for working families.

We’ve achieved so much with you on our team, Dorothy. Just look at these highlights of what House Democrats have done with your support:

  • Capped insulin at $35/month for Medicare beneficiaries
  • Expanded health care and benefits for veterans
  • Saved the average family $2,400 per year on health care

We’ve made incredible strides against all odds, but our work is far from over. 

The tough truth is this — we cannot settle into a comfortable rhythm. We must push forward and continue championing our shared values to support working families by lowering costs, further expanding access to quality, affordable health care, reclaiming constitutional protection for reproductive rights, and implementing policies that increase gun safety in our communities.

Now, more than ever, we need representatives like Lauren Underwood, who will protect programs that working families rely on across America.

As a registered nurse, public health expert, and a woman with a pre-existing heart condition, Lauren’s number one priority in Congress is ensuring access to high-quality, affordable health care for our families and eliminating cost barriers to care.

President Biden said it best tonight, Lauren’s legislation has made it more affordable than ever to get quality health coverage. Year after year we’re breaking records because these savings are so popular, and Congress must make them permanent.

These issues are the cornerstone of Lauren’s work in Congress. She shows us through her leadership in the House that she is a tireless advocate for health care access and equity and a champion for everyday Americans working day in and day out to care for their families.

For people in IL-14 and across America, Lauren is committed to making the progress that working families count on. Facing Republicans’ grandstanding and obstruction, our road forward isn’t easy. But we know with you on our team, FirstName/friend, we can do anything.

Democrats deliver. Democrats defend. For people across all of our communities. We can only continue this crucial work with grassroots support behind us every step of the way.

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