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Paula Marie Productions is bringing a new theatrical production to Chicago’s South Side

Cast: Elbert Parker, Cassandra McClendon, Dewayne Nesby, Pamela Conley, DeAira Hermani, Joe Love, Aubree Anderson, Angela Page, and A.D. Daniels

Paula Marie Media LLC presents the stage dramedy, LOVE INTENTIONAL, the sequel to LOVE INTERVENTION, written and directed by Stacye Clark.  LOVE INTERVENTION, left off with Kevin and Gwen calling their dysfunctional marriage quits.  Jamal struggled to trust Linda.  LOVE INTENTIONAL picks up several years later with Kevin and Gwen surviving the worst and now heading for the better but not without its challenges.  Jamal and Linda have a family.  At times he feels like he is losing her because he is not sure how he can help her.  He’s striving to save his wife and his family. Steve and Sandra’s strong bond and commitment to marriage, continues to provide much needed support and advice to both couples.

The definition of INTENTIONAL is to do something on purpose; to be deliberate.  Come join us in making the decision to let go, move forward, and embrace LOVE. Choosing to live beyond shame, pain, and regrets even when life doesn’t want you to do so. It is okay to:

·         BE Intentional

·         LIVE Intentional

·         FORGIVE Intentional

·         and most of all LOVE INTENTIONAL

The world premiere of this new theatrical production, written and directed by Stacye Clark, is coming to the Baer Theater at Morgan Park Academy, located at 2153 W. 111th Street. Chicago, Illinois 60643. All characters are portrayed by local Chicagoland actors.  For a limited run, performances will take place Saturday, September 15. The show will start at 7 pm. Doors open at 6 pm.

About Paula Marie Media LLC

Paula Marie Media, formally Paula Marie Productions, is organized as a limited liability corporation and was originally formed in August 2007 as a theatrical production performance company specializing in providing inspirational music and stage performances. Currently based in the southside of Chicago, Paula Marie Media’s mission is to provide clean, quality performances to audiences all over the United States and eventually internationally. The organization provides hilarious productions dealing with real life, real issues, and total inspiration. Paula Marie Media performances are inviting, exciting, relevant, gratifying and of the highest quality, presented in the spirit of excellence.

Paula Marie Media LLC, (312-600-7822)

Stacye Clark

[email protected]

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