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Over 100 Ministers support Justice Nathaniel Howse Jr.

Bishop Larry Trotter, Dr. Byron Brazier and Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White led a very energetic group of Cook County ministers as they boldly proclaimed their undying support for Justice Nathaniel Howse in his quest for the Illinois Supreme Court.

“Every Sunday I travel to four churches with Justice Howse. When people hear the story of his upbringing and his relentless pursuit to become a lawyer, they immediately gravitate to his candidacy.” Secretary White explained during the news conference at the Apostolic Church of God.

The massive group of ministers that were present jointly articulated their excitement and support of Justice Howse. They vowed to advocate aggressively to their respective congregations concerning Justice Howse’s campaign.

Secretary of State Jesse White has called upon the ministers to not only make their endorsement known, but to also state firmly of their support notwithstanding the position of the Cook County Democratic Party.

Bishop Larry D. Trotter, Dr. Byron Brazier and Pastor Leslie Sanders coordinated the mass contingent of Cook County Clergymen who outlined their reasons to why Justice Howse is clearly the most qualified candidate for this office.

As reasons for endorsing endorsing Illinois Appellate Court Justice Nathaniel Howse Jr for Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court the ministers explained as follows:

“Since the retirement of Justice Freeman much has been discussed in terms of the void that has been left. Justice Howse will provide the court with not only an astute scholar of the law, but our community’s most beloved and respected Judge,” says Bishop Trotter.

Justice Howse has continued to be the beacon of light that the criminal justice system has heavily relied upon. He has contributed much to the upward mobility of all Americans throughout our state. Him being elected to the Illinois Supreme Court would be well deserved.” said Dr. Byron Brazier of the Apostolic Church of God.

Justice Howse, who is also seeking to become the 2nd African American elected to the Illinois Supreme Court, was also joined by his family, fellow Judges, friends and various members of the legal community.

Pastor Leslie Sanders added, “Justice Howse represents the best of our community. He has given of himself to outstanding causes away from the court. His love of God, family and his compassion for all walks of life is second to none. He is the logical and best choice to move the Supreme Court forward.”

Justice Howse is a currently a judge of the First District Appellate Court of Illinois. He was assigned to this position on August 10th, 2009. He was elected on November 6th, 2012. His current term expires on December 4th 2022.

He previously served on the Cook County Circuit Court. Justice Howse received his A.B. and J.D. from Loyola University in Chicago. He was admitted to the practice of Law in 1976.

Speakers participating in the press conference included:

Pastor James Bailey, St. Stephens Church; Pastor Leslie Sanders–Hope Presbyterian Church; Bishop Larry D. Trotter–Sweet Holy Spirit Church; Bishop Claude Porter–Interfaith Illinois (Chairman); and Bishop Simon Gordon–Triedstone Baptist Church. Also, Bishop Shirley Coleman–Spiritual Wholistic Ministries; Pastor Gwendolyn Appleberry–God’s Gift Ministries; Pastor Walter Johnson– Greater Institutional AME Church; Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White; and Apostle William McCoy–Brother’s Keepers Outreach Ministries.

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