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Online donations to Carlishia Hood refunded as mom sues Chicago, cops after murder charges dropped

Photo caption: Carlishia Hood (source: Carlishia Hood/Facebook)

By Brianna Sharpe, NewsOne

Online donations to support a Chicago mother and her young teenage son who were accused of murder are being refunded amid a new lawsuit against the city and police officer after charges were abruptly dropped.

Carlishia Hood and her 14-year-old son had been facing charges in connection with a fatal shooting on June 18

A crowdfunding account on the GiveSendGo website had collected nearly $10,000 of its $35,000 goal as of Tuesday morning. But just a few hours later, a message greeted anybody who clicked on the link and informed them the campaign has been “unpublished,” or discontinued.


Previously, the message on the GiveSendGo started by Hood’s family asked for donations to “help us get one step closer to getting the justice we deserve.”

The GiveSendGo account was updated just around the time that Hood filed a lawsuit on Tuesday. CBS News reported Hood was suing the city of Chicago as well as the officers who arrested her and her son.

“My life changed. My son’s life changed. I’ve experienced pain in many ways that I would never have thought,” Hood said in a statement Tuesday. “What happened to me was totally unnecessary. Never in a million years would I have imagined being brutally attacked, beaten, and being arrested.”

Hood’s lawsuit alleges malicious prosecution, false arrest and intentional infliction of emotional distress. It is unclear whether the lawsuit is seeking monetary damages.

What happened?

Initially, Hood and her son each faced charges of first-degree murder and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. She was held on a staggering $3 million bail. However, Cook County’s State’s Attorney made the surprise decision on Monday to dismiss all criminal charges against Hood and her son. A hearing revealed the prosecutors’ intention to drop the charges as they cited emerging evidence that prevented them from meeting the burden of proof required for prosecution.

During the legal proceedings, Hood’s 14-year-old son was held in a juvenile detention facility for nearly a week.

The experience of jails and confinement has been linked to the possibility of lasting emotional and psychological impacts; especially if the one being held there is young. Recognizing the potential trauma he may have sustained, it becomes imperative to provide him with the necessary support and care to address these challenges appropriately.

The online fundraiser had the potential to empower the Black boy involved in the shooting and could have helped aid in the facilitating of his healing and recovery. The funds that were raised could have supported his and his mother’s mental well-being and provided crucial therapy and counseling.

Many individuals have begun expressing their concern for the well-being of the young boy on Twitter, calling for both Hood and her son to receive therapy to help cope with the emotional and psychological consequences.
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While some may question the need for continued contributions now that the charges have been dropped, it is crucial to recognize the traumatic impact this incident has had particularly on the young boy involved. Taking someone’s life is undoubtedly a distressing experience, and it is vital to provide him with the necessary therapy and support to navigate the aftermath of such a tragic event.

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