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One man’s mission to change the ‘fatherless factor’

Sieon C. Roberts Sr. knows firsthand what it is like to experience the trauma of growing up without a biological father present. However, he has grown from pain to purpose by doing the inside work of healing from the trauma. Now he is on a mission to add his voice to the narrative about fatherhood.

Where is My FatherSieon C. Roberts Sr. encourages men to be present for their children through his newest book, “Where is My Father? The Missing Pattern.” Roberts reveals his journey through anger and resentment which led to pain and two suicide attempts. He discusses difficult topics in his book such as, Child Support vs. Life Support. The book provides a transparent look at the trauma caused when biological fathers are not present for their children. Then the book provides a breath of fresh air for the millions of people who have experienced the trauma of an absent father.

“It causes pain for children and single mothers when fathers fail to recognize their power, purpose and pattern,” writes Roberts. More than 20 million children live without the presence of their biological fathers. About 57 percent of African-Americans, 31 percent of Hispanics, and 20 percent of Caucasians are foreign to their fathers. “Consequently, there is a fatherless factor when facing social ills. It leads to a greater risk of poverty, teen pregnancy, behavioral problems, imprisonment, drop-outs, crimes, abuse and neglect. There is a pattern to prevent these statistics. The book administers healing by exposing the proper pattern for fathers.”

RobertsJsBreakfastClubEventWebSizeRoberts is scheduled to begin a national book tour in June 2019 to discuss methods to change those alarming statistics. The first destination on the tour is Small Business Saturday at J’s Breakfast Club in Gary, Indiana scheduled for Saturday, June 8, 2019.

It is an opportunity for people to meet the author, have lunch at J’s, experience the first book talk and receive book tour details. Roberts will provide action steps to help fathers walk in their authority; bond with their children; help their children through the challenges in life and celebrate the success of their children.

As the result of witnessing his mother work to provide for Rob- erts and his siblings, he has a deep appreciation for her journey. He delivers a unique perspective as he discusses the plight of children and single mothers when fathers are not present.

Bishop Sieon C. Roberts, Sr., was born, raised and educated in Gary, IN. Roberts is currently the Senior Pastor of New Hope Church in Gary, Indiana. He is married with four children and one granddaughter; and is the author of four books. He began writing at 25 years old and each book that he has courageously written allows him to be transparent, to help people and to leave a positive legacy. The legacy of his family is the motivation that keeps him writing books to help people thrive in life.

His past and present accomplishments are numerous. Roberts has ministered locally and nationally on the Impact Network with Bishop Greg Davis and Bishop Willie James Campbell. He has also ministered with Bishop Larry Trotter; Archbishop William Hudson; Bishop Brandon Jacobs; Pastor Keion Henderson and Pastor Terry Brooks.

He was officially consecrated to the office of Bishop in July 8, 2016 after ministering for a year as Bishop Designate. Prior to either of these prestigious designations, Roberts launched Sieon Roberts Ministries (SRM) — a faith-based community organization designed to liberate the lives of individuals suffering from socio-economic oppression in 2014.

SRM is a Strategic partnership with the nonprofit, Liberation Foundation. It has been developed to best impact urban communities across the country and is based in Northwest Indiana.

He has launched New Hope Academy to educate children in Pre-K, Kindergarten and First Grade. With the help of the congregation that he leads at New Hope Church, there is a significant positive impact being made in the community. Each Monday during the spring, summer and fall months New Hope Church hosts a soup kitchen to feed people in need, youth summits, and an annual peace walk to promote peace in the community.

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