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‘No Malice Intended’: Superintendent Downplays Assistant Principal Calling Student The N-Word

By NewsOne

Just another day in America.

An assistant principal called a 9-year-old child the N-word and was not even reprimanded. The parents are outraged.

WSFA reports the child came home from school in Sanford, Maine and said he was called the N-word by the assistant principal. The child’s father Neil Jarett immediately had a meeting with the school and he explained, “She said, ‘Yes, I know I’m wrong. I did call your son a n*****, and I wasn’t thinking about the consequences at the time or what it would do to your child.’”

The child was sent to the principal’s office for allegedly bullying someone and the assistant principal said, “If I called you n***er how would you feel?”

Jarrett told WSFA, “There’s no way that would cross her mind if she wasn’t really looking at him that way.”

Disturbingly, Matthew Nelson, the superintendent, is defending the assistant principal, “We’re trying to make an example and we failed in terms of being able to do that. But there was no malice intended. It wasn’t intentional in terms of that.”

The assistant principal’s punishment? “Additional training,” according to the school.

Jarrett reacted with, “They’re just going to brush off and keep it that way and maybe a couple years down the line, it’s going to be the same thing. It may not be my kid but someone else’s kid.”

This is a striking contrast to Nathaniel Jones, the head football coach at St. Augustine High School in New Orleans, Louisiana for two seasons. He was fired due to a social media video of his team using the word “n*gga.”

In a statement, Kenneth St. Charles, president and CEO of the all-boys, historically Black Catholic school, said the school is going in a “new direction” and “We thank Coach Jones for his contributions and service to St. Augustine and our football team. We are confident that Coach Dorsey and the remaining coaches on staff are committed to serving the scholar-athletes in our football program through this period of transition.”

According to, “The person who posted the video attributed it to the Oct. 4 game against Brother Martin. But it appears instead to have been taken before a Sept. 28 game against John Curtis Christian School, also at Yulman Stadium.”

ABC News reports, “The chant appeared to be a team tradition under Jones, who is Black, according to video uploaded to YouTube from prior games this year.”

The video, which has gone viral, show the team chanting, “All I got is two hands, two pads, knockin’ that n*gga’s sh*rt loose. I got two hands, two pads, this the Aug s*it.”

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