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No Indictment for officers who killed Demarcus Semer

By Rachel Herron,

The officers responsible for the death of Demarcus Semer have not been indicted. A Florida grand jury ruled that the actions that caused the death of the 21-year-old were justified.

In April of this year, two Fort Piece police officers attempted to pull over Semer for a traffic violation. The officers said Semer did not comply when they asked for his license. One of the officers then said that he noticed a small amount of marijuana.

According to the officers’ statements, Semer refused to exit the vehicle when they instructed him to do so. Semer then put his car in gear and ran over one of the officer’s legs. That officer fired his weapon, but did not hit Semer.

Then, the other officer got into the car, and said that Semer tried to push him out of the vehicle. Eventually, Semer exited the vehicle and started to run on foot. The second officer said that during this pursuit, Semer turned towards him and raised one of his hands. This officer believed he had an object in his hands and fired his weapon at Semer.

After the shooting, police found that Semer had no weapon, but instead had a cellphone.

The grand jury that looked over the case determined that Semer died from a single gunshot wound to the lower right side of his back and that he may have been trying to avoid arrest for minor misdemeanor drug offense.

Prior to his death, Semer had no criminal record.

Today, our nation’s legal system fulfilled its role in society. After a thorough investigation by our agency and an effective presentation of the facts and evidence by the Chief Assistant State Attorney, an unbiased Grand Jury has ruled in the Fort Pierce Police officer-involved shooting that resulted in the death of Demarcus Semer. I would like to thank the men and women of the jury who served and fulfilled one of the most important rights we are given as Americans. Their decision is the final word and we must accept it.

Any loss of life is a tragedy, and our thoughts continue to be with all involved.

No true bill in Semer case.


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