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There’s a new multi-level marketing scheme going around da community—and it involves a preachers’ wife, some public employees and at least one “sorority member” who is going around “recruiting new millionaires” to join their pyramid. We gotta admit this one appears to be worse than the 5Linx con that once involved a state official who allegedly and on purpose recruited people through her “faith community” and using her “political influence” to get folks spending money they wouldn’t make back. No one, including the official, was charged with any crime and it ain’t necessarily a pyramid if you “sell some products” or “people spend the money to get service of some kind.” A lady who got dressed up to go to what she now calls a ‘brainwashing session,” said the scheme starts by showcasing how a person at the top of the food chain “started from the bottom and now they are here.” We don’t know what that means, but we assume that like the 5 Linx peddlers, salespeople have to recruit other salespeople to sell an array of stuff people don’t need so that people at the top of the pyramid can get paid. This new scheme also involves sending people a “Cash App fee of $50” to get people started in the scheme. Go figure.


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