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A Moment to Super Size Your Thinking

By Effie Rolfe

Letting God Be (Part 3). For the past few weeks, we have shared the importance of accepting God’s sovereignty and trusting Him to be God of all. We must know that He is God even when it hurts us to the core. When our prayers are not answered, when our loved ones pass on or when things just don’t go our way. Even in this, the Lord is always committed to your best interest. Thus, we will conclude in sharing Pastor Calvin Robinson’s response per learning to pray God’s divine will. The Co-Leader of ‘Celebrate Recovery’ at Bethel Church Crown Point, Indiana desire is for us to be fully aware that only God knows what’s best and exactly what we need. Robinson reiterates that prayer is always good. David was serious as he fasted and prayed in earnest. However, he is more serious about what he wanted than what God had decided. Remember, David’s prayer is not wrong it is simply not the highest form of prayer. Had he prayed according to the highest level he would have prayed that God give his son rest and comfort as He transitions from this world into the eternal. That was God’s heart, from God’s word (the prophet Nathan), and for God’s glory (God would not be mocked by David’s adultery). David was praying a low-middle prayer.

But low middle prayers are sometimes answered! Remember God is free after all. But we should manage our own expectations in accordance with the source, and focus, and purpose of our own prayers. We should be honest in our assessment of these things and hope for God’s best. We may by happenstance stumble upon God’s will in a certain situation even when we think we are praying from our own hearts. Often we pray from the heart of God and we are not even aware of it. It’s always nice when my earnest desires align well with His intentions. But it is hard to accept when I am off the mark and He is not on the same page with me.

It is at those moments when I have to remember who is creator and who is creature. I have to remember all that He has done through Christ and be gracious in my response to his lack thereof. God answers pray-

ers prayed in haste and from a noisy heart. He also answers prayers prayed from a quiet and patient heart. But we know the kind of heart God prefers to pray to Him. It is the patient, faithful and quiet heart that prays best. Why is this—because in quiet we hear Him more clearly? I do not mean quiet in the external sense though this does facilitate quiet within. I mean the quietness of heart as when a person has totally resigned himself to hear God alone, and not his own self.

This disposition can take all night sometimes. It is the dismantling of my preconceptions, my pre-conditionings, and my stubborn will. It is the kind of prayer that transforms ME and does not seek to transform God. This is the kind of prayer that honors God’s freedom and that dance happily on the edges of divine providence with no fear of falling. This is the kind of prayer that says to Him, “I believe that you hear me, I am confident that you love me and I am open to seeing what you will do in this situation. Whatever it is I already agree!”

I have no further questions. Take my mom or let her live. I have no questions. Give me much or give me little. I have no questions. I do not exist for myself or for my comfort. I exist—I live for you! I am captivated by you. You are my greatest joy. Everything that you do pleases me. It pleases me to know that you still exercise all of your freedoms. Unhindered and unfettered by this world or even my own concerns.

I love you best when you are free. Do not let my desires seek to tie your hands, my God must not be bound. Lord keep me from ever hoping to bind you. You are who you are. In my heart I let you be.

The Response to God’s “No.” 2 Samuel 12:20 “Then David arose from the earth, and washed, and anointed himself, and changed his apparel, and came into the house of the LORD, and worshipped: then he came to his own house; and when he required, they set bread before him, and he did eat.” There is great freedom in learning how to let things go. Not many people can do it well. All of us could use some work in this area. You’ve probably had the experience of arguing with someone to the point where both of you are beginning to repeat your same complaints. That is a sure sign that you have exhausted the conversation. If no resolution has yet been found, it will have to wait for another time. You have also likely had that experience of someone wanting to continue the argument long after you have checked out of the conversation. You’re not even participating any longer and they just keep going on and on. They even begin to say provocative things in order to bring you back out and into the fight.

That is probably how God feels when He has clearly answered in the negative and we keep prodding at Him. “Why did you say that? Why didn’t you answer me? Where were you when I need you?” All of these questions are continuing a conversation in which God has already checked out. But we refuse to accept His answer, which means whether we realize it or not) that we refuse to accept Him as a person. He has decided what He has decided. If it isn’t something to break up over, then it is best to let it go. Let Him Be and what you will find after a while is that He did what was best. Give the emotions time to uncloud. Give the heart time to heal from the grief. Do not allow the grief and the pain to mix with your faith. Keep them separate because faith functions independently of emotion. Faith is not a feeling. Faith is a spiritual tool. Do not tarnish the tool with your tears. Cry your tears, and lean on faith (the tool) to move forward and beyond your current tragedy. This is by no means easy. It requires patience and a lot of grace. God will give you the grace to accept His “No.” And when I think about it, even His “No” is grace as it was for the Apostle Paul. Isn’t that interesting!


Will you pray and let God be God…?


Effie Rolfe is an Author of “Supersize Your Thinking,” Media Personality and Motivational Speaker. You can contact her at or [email protected] Listen to her show daily on (2015 Stellar Award Winner for Best Internet Radio Station

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