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A Moment to Super Size Your Thinking

By Effie Rolfe

Signs of the Time—are all around us. This is also the title of one of my favorite gospel artist, Yolanda Adams’ song from back in the day that was love at first sound because of its powerful lyrics of truth. “Please do take heed—that you be not deceived—the devil is out and he’s trying to plead—people are looking for something to get into. They are fighting and they don’t know what to do. Earthquakes and rumors, people are looking for something to get into …they don’t know what to do. Seasons may change and there be nothing strange.” Unfortunately, some 30 years later, this song still remains too relevant.

For years, ABC Nightline News has incorporated a show segment entitled “Signs of the Time” that often features things that are out of the norm. Speaking of out of the norm, where do I start? In fact, the world has changed so rapidly until now things that were once considered taboo are now considered the ‘new normal.’ This term is indicative of the pervading culture that now considers whatever you feel is right as totally acceptable. Reports were recently released that Norway is passing a bill that will allow children as young as six years old to determine if they want to become transgender. They will no longer need to undergo surgery or hormone treatments but rather be given a website that will allow the transformation. If both parents don’t agree, the government will intervene and determine what’s best for the child.

If that’s not enough, last week, we mentioned the stabbing of a 16-year-old girl by a 13-year-old girl who got the knife from her 35-year-old mother. Additionally, each week there have been countless shootings and murders including the recent killing of an innocent bystander, Yvonne Nelson. The 49-year-old city of Chicago employee and member of my church, New Life Covenant Southeast, had just gotten a cup of coffee from Starbucks when she was caught up in crossfire from gang retaliation. She was hit and later died. Her family and friends are totally devastated. Her Pastor, John Hannah of New Life Coven- ant where she attended said, “She died because she wanted a cup of coffee.”

The ISIS crisis in inner city is dodging bullets. It breaks my heart that we are experiencing this type of crazy violence first hand. From shooting on the expressways and restaurants—no place seems exempt. Recently, after hearing bullets a few blocks away near my neighborhood, I have seriously considered leaving the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois altogether. But to keep it real, a co-worker said his grandmother said, “Boy didn’t you know they shooting in the White House? The President has to duck and dodge.” So if the President of the U.S. has to—in most cases, so do you. Well, you can run but you can’t hide.

Even credit card theft and fraud are at an all-time high. Cardholders are cautioned to beware of this activity that is running rampant. Thieves can place a gadget in the ATM that copies the card number with your name. Many have considered cash, pre-paid debit/credit cards or even back to writing checks.

Sometimes you have to wonder, what is the world coming to? Inevitably, as the scripture indicates—these are the end times “You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places” (Matthew 24:6-7). The new normal is an express example of our changing culture. Some of this seems totally unbelievable. But the bible indicates that these things will come to pass. Mothers against daughters and fathers smoking weed with their sons is an equation for disaster and what we see each day. Lord knows that if you ever needed the Lord— you sure do need Him now. No doubt, sadly these are truly the ‘signs of the time!’

Do you see the signs of the time…?

 ©Effie Rolfe is an Author of “Supersize Your Thinking,” Media Personality and Motivational Speaker. You can contact her on Listen to her show daily on (2015 Stellar Award Winner for Best Internet Radio Station).

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