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Mayoral Candidate Chuy Garcia’s Inaccurate Statement About Mayor Harold Washington is Challenged

Harold Washington

(Message from the Desk of Ms. Josie Childs – A Long Time Friend and Political Ally of the Late Mayor Harold Washington)

Rep. Jesus “Chuy” Garcia
Rep. Jesus “Chuy” Garcia

Congressman “Chuy” Garcia recently in the press made an inaccurate statement. He said, “Folks know me…they know what I’ve done. I know we will eventually get their support. I’m the only guy left from the Harold Washington coalition. No one in Chicago politics today has been involved in fighting the old corrupt and racist and sexist Chicago machine longer than myself.”…As a long-time friend and political ally of the late Mayor Harold Washington I have to point out Congressman Garcia is sorely mistaken.

Has he forgotten about Justice Tim Evans, Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., former Alderman Dorothy Tillman, Congressman Danny Davis, former Congressman Bobby Rush, host Cliff Kelley, Ed Gardner, Renauld Robinson, George Johnson, Jane Ramsey, Al Saffold, Brenetta Howell-Barrett and Jackie Grimshaw (she is currently in his ad on tv) who are all still standing? Those names are just a few. Can anyone point out what Congressman Chuy Garcia is doing with the political allies to sustain Mayor Harold Washington’s work, the Washington coalition, his agenda and keeping his legacy alive?

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