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Mahdi Theatre Company presents ‘Bronzeville, The Musical’ — April 5 through 14. 

REHEARSAL PHOTO FROM a musical that seeks to encourage Chicago youth to look for more positive outlets for expression, and know opposed that they are the catalyst of change, and can still make great decisions to make their lie and city better.

Musical amplifies faith, legacy and courage of a people, as it honors the significance of Bronzeville history

Mahdi Theatre Company is excited to present “Bronzeville, The Musical,” a radical, courageous and engaging narrative that pays homage to the rich legacy and significant history of Bronzeville at the Studebaker Theater Performing Arts Center, Fine Arts Building, 410 S. Michigan Avenue.

The Broadway-bound and tour-ready play is an intriguing, thought-provoking and enchanting soulful musical about a father, who guides his wayward teenage son on a journey of his ancestral history to inspire his son to accept his Greatness.

It addresses redemption, faith, legacy, and courage of a people, as it honors the significance of our history and its “role” in preserving the community. The multipurpose narrative also touches on the great migration from the south to Chicago, while bringing awareness to the greatness of resilient people. The musical is designed to resonate with today’s society and aims to reshape narratives surrounding urban Black youth.

Bronzeville covers the history of the African American experience from the Great Migration and makes a poignant statement about contemporary youth. This distinctive story will transform, ignite and inspire people from all walks of life.

In particular, this play will awaken the SOUL of Chicago! The motivation of this musical resulted from all the negative press surrounding Black teens. “We needed to rewrite that story about urban Black youth and all the bad publicity surrounding teens ‘wilding out’,” said Producer and Director, Margaret Mahdi.

“There are Black people who paved the way. It’s up to the playwrights and the artists to carry the torch. We’re in a different energy space today. Starting with the impact of George Floyd and leading up to the new migration that’s happening today, there’s so much building up that has to be addressed. I feel that Bronzeville is a tipping point to begin that discussion. There’s a lot of work to do, but I appreciate the opportunity to take on that responsibility.”

This play runs from April 5 through 14.  For more information on “Bronzeville, The Musical,” log on to or

The Mahdi Theatre Company is dedicated to fostering, promoting and enhancing the public’s appreciation of the arts. The Theatre is committed to cultural enrichment in Chicago, across the nation and globally. Comprising artists devoted to excellence, the company empowers communities through artistic programming, scholarship funding and thought-provoking productions.

With a mission to educate, elevate, inspire and entertain, the Mahdi Theatre Company aspires to instigate a cultural revolution in the arts, driven by God-given talents in the performing arts.

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