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Lotto is moving online – 3 tips to help engage in responsible gaming

With more lottery games moving to online play, responsible gaming is a conversation that we cannot shy away from. This tech company provides 3 tips to keep in mind while engaging in lotto play.

Lotto N Crowd is a technology company using their proprietary algorithms to help improve lottery player odds of winning in their favorite games, while also giving players and the general public access to financial literacy and investment resources to help them manage their winnings and current assets.

“Players should have fun when playing the lottery. Buying a few tickets should not create a financial burden and add stress to someone’s life. Creating an environment based on responsible gaming falls to the organization to provide a healthy means of engaging in play. For us this means offering players a better chance to win by connecting them with others in group play, meaning that they are able to play on more tickets without incurring a higher cost themselves,” says Ajaie Albert, Communications Director of Lotto N Crowd.

Here are Lotto N Crowd’s top 3 tips to help engage in responsible gaming

Tip #1: Set limits
Decide how much you can afford to spend on lottery tickets per month and stick to that budget. This might look like setting aside $25 dollars a month in cash so that you’re not tempted to continue to just swipe your credit card out of convenience.

Tip #2: Use an autoplay feature
One of the biggest perks of technology is that we can leverage it to work for us! Autoplay for example is a feature that allows players to set preferences of when they would like to buy. Maybe you only would like to play on Thursdays when you get paid, you can set a recurring transaction to occur. On the other hand, you could set a preference to only buy when the jackpot reaches a certain value. Having these options allow the gamer to pick what works and what is most comfortable for them.

Tip #3: Join a syndicate / Group Play
Playing with friends can be a lot more fun than playing alone! Along with meeting new people to network with, playing in a group not only increases the chances of winning, it also means that players can stay within their budget while playing on more tickets. Who knows, you and your new friends might become the next millionaires while spending a fraction of what other people do to play.

Would you be interested in connecting with Ajaie Albert, Communications Director of Lotto N Crowd, to learn how tech is improving the winning odds for players and the connections to be gained in both finance and investment sectors? I would be happy to set up an interview for you.

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