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Lopez backs Dr. Wilson for mayor based on shared values

Having once thrown his hat into the crowded mayoral ring, Alderman Ray Lopez (15th) on Wednesday, January 4, endorsed Dr. Willie Wilson for mayor, because of his outreach to various ethnic communities and his consistent record of helping people in need.

Lopez said he and Dr. Wilson have forged a friendship over the last few years “based on our shared values,” that he says is “rooted in faith and strong personal convictions.”

“As an alderman, I need a mayor willing to join me in the trenches serving the people I have been elected to work for. Dr. Wilson has proven himself to be a man that answers the call, election season or not, time and time again,” Lopez said during a press conference held at the Rhine Post VFW located at 5858 S. Archer Ave.

In choosing Wilson as his endorsed mayoral candidate, Lopez said among all of the others, he is the one who not only can win but will be a unifier for all of Chicago’s 77 communities. Lopez said Wilson listens to people and is willing to work with him “to get things done.”

Lopez has publicly sparred with Mayor Lightfoot, many times accusing her of being a dictator and not willing to listen to him and others.

Lopez, who equates the goal of bridging Black and Latino communities like the one Mayor Harold Washington formed, said Dr. Wilson will be a healing force this city needs especially in working together to “heal old wounds, unite neighborhoods and move forward.”

In accepting Alderman Lopez’ endorsement, Dr. Wilson said, “I am humbled and proud to receive the endorsement for mayor of Chicago from 15th Ward Alderman Ray Lopez.”

Wilson said Lopez’ endorsement is significant because he was once a mayoral candidate and has been an elected alderman since 2015. “He knows what it takes to run this city. His endorsement solidifies our coalition beyond the African American community.”

Wilson said the alderman’s experience and his commitment to his ward, along with the diverse communities, “will be invaluable once I am sworn in as mayor.”

He said that he is looking forward to working with Lopez and other aldermen, and this is key to making Chicago safer.

“Public safety is my top priority,” he said. “Our police and communities will come together to bring this crime down. Too many of our communities have been ignored and left behind. Together, we will provide opportunity and safety for every neighborhood.”

Vowing to campaign throughout Chicago with Alderman Lopez by his side, Dr. Wilson vowed, “to fight for every vote in this city. Together, we will transform Chicago and rebuild our city.”

Reflecting on Chicago, Wilson said he owes a lot to this city and the people. “This city helped to shape my life as a businessman. I know firsthand what an opportunity can do.

“Our city represents a beacon of hope and opportunity. I will bring our city together and cause people to shop in Chicago and not Indiana or the suburbs. I appreciate Alderman Lopez for his endorsement. I will not let him or the people of Chicago down. It is time for a change, and I am that change,” Wilson said.

“Chicago needs a mayor who is guided by strong morals, common sense, and a willingness to create an environment that encourages discourse, ingenuity and accountability,” said Lopez. “Dr. Wilson will be that mayor. He will be a mayor that respects and unites the ethnic neighborhoods of Chicago. He will be a mayor that understands commonsense must return to City Hall.”

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