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Local Author Gives Chicago Employers the “SkinNy” on Diversity Recruiting

After working for over 25 years providing leadership and executive coaching, strategy, and organizational management, and researching the systemic flaws in recruitment strategies over the course of 15 years, Pamela McElvane, founder and CEO of Chicago-based P&L group, has published “The SkinNy on Diversity Recruiting – The Best Practice Guide to Current Trends on Recruitment Strategies.”

Using a survey of 270 questions to assess the processes, practices, methods, and metrics of companies with over 1,000 employees to compile the data used within the book, McElvane presents readers with the advantage of real-time metrics to not only analyze the past but infer about future strategies. Local index participants include companies and brands such as JLL, Allstate, McDonald’s and BlueCross BlueShield.

With the use of exclusive data collected over the course of 15 years, McElvane has developed a one-stop shop for both employers and job seekers alike.

When asked of her motivations to pen such a book, McElvane responded, “There really was a gap, it was a problem not being solved. And as I watched larger organizations like SHRM and other recruiting [or] talent acquisition organizations try to create different platforms to solve the problem of accessing [the] talent and what to do with it, I never really saw anything comprehensive in terms of helping organizations develop a roadmap to understand what is being done well and what more needs to be done.”

Through her years of collecting data, which is updated yearly based on survey findings, McElvane has had the unique privilege to witness trends and influences created in the realm of diversity and professional recruiting, particularly in how the definition of diversity has been expounded upon.

“When you look at 15 years ago, oh my goodness. Companies were looking at representation coming out of affirmative action; they were really focused on getting women and people of color into management and leadership positions as fast as they can. African Americans were the focus of the time,” started McElvane. “And then, as they became better at recognizing diversity, diversity began to take on deeper meanings beyond ethnicity. Taking on meanings of identity- bringing on veterans, persons with disabilities, [the] LGBTQIA+ community, intersectionality in the last half-decade, especially in the last five years, has really become prevalent and has made folks become comfortable talking about it in the workplace.”

The result of the desire to bridge both the information and cultural gap was the “SkinNy” series, with “The SkinNy on Diversity Recruiting – The Best Practice Guide to Current Trends on Recruitment Strategies” being one element of an eight-part series.

As part of the SkinNy series, future books are on the horizon covering subjects such as “The SkinNy on Inclusion” and “The SkinNy on Strategy,” which align with the research categories used to group the real-time index findings collected by McElvane.

“The SkinNy on Diversity Recruiting” is available in paperback, e-book, or via Kindle for the price of $16.97 on Amazon. Additional information and resources, including an upcoming blog, can be found at

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