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Local Author and Entrepreneur to Bring Literary Powerhouses Together for Summer Must Reads Social Event

Crystal Lynn O’Brien

Author, radio personality, entrepreneur and founder of the Northwest Social Network Crystal Lynn O’Brien is bringing together diverse thought leaders, young professionals and literary enthusiasts together for an evening of networking and conversations about the hottest summer reads.

Summer Must Reads will take place Friday, June 23rd at the Captain’s House 6004 Miller Ave., a quaint yet popular eatery in Gary’s Miller Beach community. From 6:00p.m. – 9:00p.m., guests will enjoy the company and conversation of several featured authors who will discuss their creative journeys and current projects. Books authored by some of the region’s top creative minds will be on display and available for purchase. There is no cost to attend this event.

The Northwest Social Network, created by O’Brien, has an established goal of connecting people from various backgrounds through a common theme.

“Sometimes the art of simply networking can be intimidating,” says O’Brien. “So I plan events around a fun themed that will make people engage without even realizing that they’re networking too.”

For more information about the Northwest Social Network or the Summer Reads Event, contact O’Brien at 219-644-6446, visit or send an email to [email protected].

Summer Must Read Featured Authors


Paul Andrew Kizer

Paul Andrew Kizer

Gary, Indiana native Author Paul Andrew Kizer is on a mission to help the world fall in love! A author by day, poet by night, as well as a non-stop life coach, Paul draws inspiration from life’s lessons, good, bad, or indifferent. In his latest novel, “My Love, Your Lust, Their Lies, Our Truth,” Paul gives his rendition of searching for love and healing from hurt. Shortly after marrying his best friend, Lakeesha in 2002, Paul decided that he wanted to share his literature with the world, and self-published his first book “Journey Through My Journal.” Three additional self-published manuscripts followed thereafter. Paul’s motto: Profound knowledge and experience begins with those who have not only allowed themselves to be educated in higher institutions, but those who have allowed themselves to live, love, and embrace life’s ups and downs.

Crystal Randle

Crystal Randle

Crystal Randle has been a veteran nurse for over twenty years and has practiced in a multitude of clinical areas. She is also the proud single mom of twin girls and a native of Chicago, Illinois. Because her nature is that of nurturing and caring for others, she also found out many years ago the gift of putting pen to paper. The therapeutic effects of writing for Crystal have proven to be gratifying and profound in that she knows from whom ALL blessings flow, and she prays that God will continue to use her as a vessel to share and touch others through her experiences and yours too.

Tyrone Roberts

Tyrone Roberts

Tyrone R. Roberts, who is known by the pseudonym (L.I.F.E.) is a native of Gary, IN. He has been writing and acting since elementary school. L.I.F.E. graduated high school from Emerson School for Visual and Performing Arts. There he majored in Drama and Technical Theater. L.I.F.E. received his Bachelor of Science (with Distinction) in Organization

Management from Calumet College of St. Joseph. He self-published his first book, The Brick Porch in 2008. L.I.F.E. recently published an updated 7th anniversary edition titled TBP 2.5 featuring several new poems, pictures and additional information.

L.I.F.E. is a Gospel and Spoken Word Artist, an Author, Minister, Community Organizer, Entrepreneur, Writer, and Inventor. He is currently performing and ministering at schools, churches, and outreach centers. He is the Founder and CEO of The Brick Porch Movement, Inc. and the Founder and President of L.I.F.E. LLC.

Marilyn D. Willis

Marilyn D. Willis

Marilyn D. Willis was determined to one day follow her dreams of being an entrepreneur. After leaving corporate America, where she worked for various companies nearly 30 years, Marilyn was free to explore and reinvent herself. And although she was uncertain of what endeavor she would begin, Marilyn knew that it would have to be assisting others for the good.

Shortly after leaving corporate America, in March 2015, Marilyn learned that she would be needing some assistance of her own as she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Determined that her diagnosis would not be the end of her dreams, Marilyn took appropriate steps to regain her life and fulfill her entrepreneurial dreams. Educating others has always been a passion of Marilyn’s because she believes it does none of us any good if we cannot help each other regardless of race, class or status.

Marilyn holds a Master’s Degree in Business Management, and is a Licensed Nail Care Professional in Illinois and Indiana who firmly believes in service to others.

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