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It is becoming increasingly obvious that the racial divide in America is fueled by more than racism alone. Of course, racism exists, but it is not the only factor in the success or failure of groups or individuals. There are other elements to consider.

One of the most important facets of success has to do with focus, continued, sustained focus. Basically, “what we see really is what we get.” New discoveries in science are moving in a direction that posits the universe (or multiverse) as a construct of a greater reality. Some scientists actually believe we exist in a simulation, not unlike in a computer video game. (Interestingly, the notion of “God” might have to be re-thought in this scenario).

Though this thinking is trending, what is certain is that human beings might have more control over their lives than previously thought. The inference is that we create our own universe. If looked at in this light, the term “multiverse” might infer that every individual creates her or his own universe, since each person experiences “reality” in his own point in space.

With this said, if we need proof of this, we have just to look around and see the diversity of experiences evident in society. For example, during slavery times, Blacks were subjected to a really brutal form of slavery. They were vilified, beaten, and denied the opportunity to live decent lives. On the other hand, during this same time period there were Black people who were not only free, but some actually owned slaves themselves.

Essentially, if we think about it, everything we experience in life is technically experienced alone; in other words, we take ourselves wherever we go. Our lives are the consequences of our outlook, focus and intention. Examples of this can be seen everywhere.

Now, how is this related to today’s Black community? Everyone would agree that Black people are at a disadvantage today, as during the earlier days of slavery. The difference is that today most of the impediments are perceptual.

For example, there are Black Americans who have actually become billionaires, while others are barely able to maintain homes! Of course, there are more white people in that number than Black, but there are reportedly 14 Black billionaires.

Some of the disparities between very rich, or even mildly successful Black people, are connected to focus.

If they have business success, it is obvious that perseverance played a large role in the outcomes. Timeliness is also important, and there are people who consistently stick to a plan and live to see it actualized. In this regard, we can use any successful Black person as evidence. Most did not “accidentally” succeed, they persevered in some endeavor.

Certainly, statistics dictate that not everyone will become a billionaire, but what is true is that many Black people are living well and making strides in their everyday lives. A lot are homeowners, have great jobs or careers, and have managed to carve out lives of relative success.

When looking for a difference between people who have been able to survive, and often thrive, in the face of difficult circumstances, and those who don’t, the common factor appears to be sustained focus. Successful people have generally been consistent and have not given up on their goals. And regarding that last point, it is important to have goals. There will be instances where a specific goal is not met, but with persistence of effort, unexpected gains materialize.

For the skeptics, we have but to look at what has been achieved in America during the last century. Once upon a time there were no Black football or basketball players, yet today Black people are well represented in those fields. There was a time when women could not play professional basketball, but today the WNBA exists.

The number of successful Black people is the EXACT number associated with those who had set goals and persevered. They also had a healthy dose of faith and confidence.

Considering the foregoing, those Blacks who have been able to lead successful lives in America in spite of daunting odds give credence to the notion that we create our own realities. (There may also be a healthy dose of luck involved, based on our past Karmic actions).

This has not been proven “scientifically,” but the successes demonstrate that it is possible to positively influence our individual and collective destinies. In this regard, the Black community can be successfully liberated if we focus, persevere and work together toward common goals! A Luta Continua.

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