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‘Let’s Eat’

By the Black Foodies

According to the Harris Poll, a market research firm that measures public opinion in the U.S., pizza is America’s favorite comfort food. Pizza is very regional, with different parts of the country putting their own unique spin on this savory pie.

Chicago has a plethora of pizza joints all over the city that accommodate most styles of pizza, from New York-style, to Neapolitan, to our own beloved Chicago deep-dish.

Newcomer to the pizza game at 4655 South King Drive in historic Bronzeville, is Slice of Bronzeville. Co-owner Patrick White told us, “The inspiration behind us doing a pizzeria in the Bronzeville community is we felt like there weren’t any African American-owned pizzerias in the Bronzeville neighborhood or, for the most part, in the city of Chicago.”

Hence, the Black Foodies were extremely excited and curious to taste what Slice of Bronzeville had to offer.

The first pie sampled was Slice of Bronzeville’s Jerk Chicken Pizza. The pizza looked scrumptious and smelled divine. A gooey mozzarella cheese blanketed the top of the pizza, with the outer edge caramelized a beautiful brown. The cheese was plentiful, as well. There is nothing more disappointing than a pizzeria that skimps on the mozzarella.

Our pizza was cut into squares like most Chicago-style thin crust pizza. So, we grabbed a square and after our very first bite, declared that the residents of Bronzeville are in good pizza hands with Slice of Bronzeville.

The jerk chicken was moist and full of jerk flavor, and the tomato sauce was savory with an expertly baked crust – a nice fusion of Italy and Jamaica, all in one bite.

The Turkey Sausage Pizza had sausage generously portioned throughout, so with each bite we enjoyed an explosion of lip-smacking sausage goodness. And, once again, there was no skimping on the mozzarella which only enhanced this pizza’s yumminess.

Slice of Bronzeville is a nice spot for dine-in with plenty of tables and ample space for accommodating large parties. There are many different toppings to choose from, so be as creative as you want with your pizza. Slice of Bronzeville has been in business for roughly nine months, and we foresee them getting better and better as they accrue more time in the pizza business game.

We were told to expect their rendition of Chicago-style deep-dish pizza soon. So, in the very near future, you may want to give Slice of Bronzeville a try – it is the perfect opportunity to enjoy good pizza that will not break the bank. Good pizza at a fair price, what more can you ask for?

We rank restaurants based on number of kisses (one thru five). One…two…three…four, with five being the best. Slice of Bronzeville receives 4 1/2 kisses. Check out the video of our review

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Dino Dean and Miss Coretta

Dino Dean and Miss Coretta – The Black Foodies – are food bloggers/vloggers and husband and wife of 27 years. They are also home cooks who believe in group economics and LOVE great food. They write the food blog ‘Let’s Eat’ and review Black-owned and other ethnic restaurants. FOLLOW them on Instagram @theblackfoodies and SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube Channel.

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