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‘Let Us Make Eve’ another film from Englewood director Mark Harris

The psychological thriller, filmed partly in Belize, from acclaimed writer/director Mark Harris, features an all-star cast ensemble, including Jasmine Burke (Karen), Andrea Bordeaux (Run this Town), Dawn Noel (All Rise), Indira Andrewin (“Tragic Jungle”), Corey Hendrix (“The Bear”), Barton Fitzpatrick (Power Book IV: Force), Kenneth Okolie (“Hyde Park”), Malachi Malik (Queen Sugar), Starlyn Angelique (The Chi), and Horacio L. Guerrero.

A group of friends, bound together by a murder they committed as teens, journey to celebrate their friendship in Belize, only for unforeseen events to cause their inevitable demise – one woman’s quest to become God in person.

“For God knows that in the day you eat from it, your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil. When the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was desirable to make one wise, she took from its fruit and ate; and she gave also to her husband with her, and he ate.”

“Let Us Make Eve” is written by Mark Harris and Jasmine Burke and is produced by Zohra, Nigel Miguel, and Shauna D. Balfour.

The film will be released theatrically on April 28 in limited theaters and on May 12, nationwide.

Harris is a self-taught filmmaker. His movies have come out to major distributors and he has self-distributed many of his earlier films, as well as sold hundreds of thousands of copies in the United States and overseas. Harris was born and raised in the Englewood community.

At a young age, he developed a passion for writing and studied at the University of Wisconsin River Falls as an English Major.

After a few semesters, Harris returned to Chicago feeling that working a 9-5 job may be best for him. Then, one day, he decided to fuel his passion and return to his first love…writing. He has successfully written, directed, and produced several commercially released films.

In an earlier interview with Indie Film Hustle, Harris said: “I used to write poetry, but I never ever thought that I would actually make films, and it never just entered my mind as far as to go into the film business. But I always had a love for movies.”

He continued: “If I want my stories told, I have to do it myself. I never, ever stepped on a film set. I didn’t go to film school. I just brought in people who knew a little bit more than what I knew. And then we made our first project. And that was the end of it, around 2005 I made my first film, and I haven’t looked back since then.”

And Harris has a slew of films to his credit. Theater goers, BET, Centric, Netflix, and other streaming services, and DVD film lovers around the world have enjoyed Harris’ films, including “Stock Option,” “My First Love,” “Black Coffee,” “36 Hour Layover,” “Black and Privileged,” “White People Money,” and “Black Butterfly,” among others.

Of this latest project, Harris says: “I am extremely proud of this film and the powerful message we were able to tell through the magnificent power of entertainment.”

Harris is the founder of 1555Filmworks, a film production company that produces feature films, and he’s the founder of the Englewood International Film and Art Festival.

“Let Us Make Eve” will screen at Cinema Chatham, Powered By Emagine on April 28. Visit the link to take a look at the trailer:

Elaine Hegwood Bowen, M.S.J.
Elaine Hegwood Bowen, M.S.J.

Elaine Hegwood Bowen, M.S.J., is the Entertainment Editor for the Chicago Crusader. She is a National Newspaper Publishers Association ‘Entertainment Writing’ award winner, contributor to “Rust Belt Chicago” and the author of “Old School Adventures from Englewood: South Side of Chicago.” For info, Old School Adventures from Englewood—South Side of Chicago ( or email: [email protected].

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