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Lawsuit: Woman Assaulted, Dragged by Chicago Cops


Two Chicago police officers are accused of assaulting a reverend during a road rage incident.

In 2013, Rev. Catherine Brown says she was driving home and encountered a vehicle heading straight toward her on a narrow alleyway.

Before she knew what was happening, Officer Michelle Morsi Murphy jumped from the other vehicle and immediately began hurling obscenities at her. Brown, who says she was shocked by the officer’s actions, reached for her driver’s license and a second officer, Jose Lopez, got out of the squad car and pointed a gun at her head. Terrified, Brown called 911 and requested that a supervisor be sent to the location.

“The lady officer jumps out of the car and says, ‘B****, move that f***ing car back,'” Rev. Brown said. “I got treated like an animal.”

CBS 2 obtained a copy of Brown’s 911 call and the recordings “reveal she felt threatened and in danger. They also show that she repeatedly asks for a lieutenant and police to come and help.”

The news outlet also reports that her young daughters, who were with her at the time, can be heard screaming in the background on the calls.

Instead of waiting for a supervisor to arrive, Murphy and Lopez attempted to force the door of Brown’s vehicle open. In an effort to be visible to witnesses, Rev. Brown put the car in reverse and backed out of the alley.

Dashcam footage shows that once she was out of the alley, Brown brought her vehicle to a complete stop, but cops plowed directly into her car.

Brown, who has filed a lawsuit against the officers, was charged with attempted murder because Morsi Murphy claimed Brown had dragged her.

Brown was acquitted, but was convicted of reckless conduct, a misdemeanor for driving in reverse. She is currently appealing the conviction. A Chicago Police spokesperson declined to discuss the case, citing the pending litigation.


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