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Lawmakers approve House rules, begin work for 103rd General Assembly

Members of the Illinois House of Representatives passed rules for the chamber this week, which allows legislative activity to begin for the 103rd General Assembly. Speaker Emanuel “Chris” Welch thanked members of both sides of the aisle for their participation in crafting the rules. They passed with bipartisan support on Wednesday.

“These rules allow every member who is ready to do serious work, to deliver results for their communities and their constituents,” said Speaker Welch. “These rules also allow us to get back to a sense of normalcy after two years of a global health pandemic.”

These rules remove the pandemic-era provision that allowed for remote voting on the House floor and redefine the use of what is known as the consent calendar, something that has been used to pass noncontroversial legislation more quickly. The rules also reinstitute term limits for leaders in the House. These provisions were made at the request of the Republican caucus and were an initial step by Speaker Welch to show his willingness to work together, as long as all members come ready to collaborate in good faith.

“If it is your goal to simply obstruct or to push an agenda that has been rejected time and time again at the ballot box, we will not waste the people’s time,” said Speaker Welch. “Voters were very clear this November about the direction they want for our state. We are going to do that work on behalf of Illinoisans, and these rules allow us to do that.”

Lawmakers return to Springfield next week on Tuesday, Feb. 7th.

For more information, or to submit your idea, contact Welch’s district office at 708-450-1000 or [email protected]. You may also visit our website.

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