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Larry Rogers Jr. gains key endorsements for sixth term

Left to right: Commissioner Larry Rogers Jr., Senator Dick Durbin and Mayor Brandon Johnson.

Powerful Endorsements include U.S. Senator Dick Durbin and Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson

Larry Rogers Jr., the incumbent Cook County Board of Review Commissioner representing the 3rd District, is preparing for his sixth-term re-election bid. The seasoned commissioner recently expressed his profound gratitude and appreciation for the multitude of endorsements he has received, forming a formidable foundation for his campaign. Among the endorsements, the powerful support of the Chicago Federation of Labor stands out.

Rogers’ journey began in 2004 when he first took office. At that time, the idea of reforming the Cook County Board of Review seemed nothing short of laughable to many. However, over the years, with the invaluable input from countless community leaders, Rogers and his team have managed to accomplish a mission that extends far beyond reform—it embodies total transparency.

“The heart of our work has been centered on correcting assessment errors made by Assessor Fritz Kaegi, ensuring that taxpayers receive the property tax reductions they are entitled to,” said Commissioner Rogers, emphasizing their commitment to fairness in property taxation. “We have worked tirelessly to correct the numerous assessment errors made by Assessor Fritz Kaegi to ensure that taxpayers get the reductions they are entitled to so that they pay no more than their fair share of property taxes.”

Commissioner Rogers’ reelection campaign boasts a distinguished list of endorsements, indicative of his broad appeal and his record of effective governance. Prominent figures such as Chicago Mayor Brandon Jonson, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, United States Senator Dick Durbin, Congresswoman Robin Kelly, Congresswoman Jan Shawkowsky, Congressman Danny Davis, and Congressman Jonathan Jackson have all pledged their support.

Adding to the chorus of support, Chicago Alderman Stephanie Coleman, who also serves as the Chairperson of the Chicago City Council Black Caucus, spoke highly of Rogers’ contributions to her community. “I am extremely proud to add my name to the lengthy list of endorsements for Commissioner Rogers. The residents of my ward have benefited greatly from the community outreach program launched by the Commissioner nearly twenty years ago. Thousands of my constituents have successfully applied and received property tax reductions through these seminars. I firmly endorse his candidacy,” stated Alderman Coleman.

One of Commissioner Rogers’ notable achievements during his tenure has been his commitment to expanding the Board of Review’s outreach programs throughout Cook County. These initiatives have been particularly beneficial to seniors, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities, eliminating the need for them to travel downtown and face parking challenges.

Rich Township Supervisor and Democratic Committeeman Calvin Jordan commended Rogers for his transformative efforts, saying, “Without question, Commissioner Rogers has eased the burden of thousands upon thousands of Southern Cook County residents by offering a fair and open process for residents to have the opportunity to receive property tax reductions. He has not only reformed the Board of Review office but has ensured that residents know exactly the total functions of the office. Prior to his election as Commissioner, the vast majority of residents were clueless about the purpose of the office. Through the Commissioner’s efforts and accomplishments, the Board of Review is now a household name to homeowners.”

Commissioner Rogers remains deeply appreciative of the extensive support he has received. “I am grateful, honored, and blessed to receive such influential and impactful endorsements from so many of our federal, state, county, and local leaders as well as organized labor. These leaders have worked collaboratively with my staff to ensure that every property owner within Cook County has not only access but also the full cooperation of my office,” he commented.

As Commissioner Larry Rogers Jr. embarks on his campaign for a sixth term, it is evident that his unwavering dedication to serving the residents of Cook County has garnered significant backing. With a strong foundation of endorsements, he aims to continue his mission of ensuring fairness and transparency in property taxation while serving as the Commissioner of the Cook County Board of Review. The upcoming election promises to be a notable event in the realm of local politics, with Rogers’ re-election bid drawing attention from both supporters and observers alike.

Larry Rogers Jr. has proven time and again that he is a public servant dedicated to improving the lives of the residents of Cook County. His tireless efforts to reform property tax assessments and bring about transparency in government have earned him a well-deserved reputation. This campaign, backed by influential endorsements, serves as a testament to his commitment to the community and his vision for a fair and equitable Cook County. As the election season unfolds, Larry Rogers Jr. stands as a candidate worth watching, with the potential to continue making a positive impact on the lives of those he serves.

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