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John Singleton, ‘Boyz n the Hood’ director and writer, hospitalized after stroke

By Artemis Moshtaghian, CNN

Oscar-nominated director John Singleton, best known for the movies “Boyz n the Hood” and “Poetic Justice,” is in intensive care at an undisclosed hospital after he suffered a stroke this week, his family said Saturday.

Singleton, 51, was at the facility Wednesday when he had the stroke, the family said in a short statement that included no details.

Hollywood celebrities took to social media to send Singleton well wishes.

Rapper Snoop Dogg posted an image of himself and Singleton on Instagram saying, “Pray 4 my brother.”

Movie director Guillermo del Toro, a two-time Academy Award winner, wrote on Twitter, “Get well, John Singleton! Such a generous spirit.”

Mark Wahlberg, who has been friends with Singleton for years and appeared in Singleton’s 2005 film “Four Brothers,” wrote: “Saying prayers for my brother John Singleton today.”

Singleton was nominated for best director and best screenplay for “Boys n the Hood,” which was released in 1991.

Film critic Roger Ebert praised the film as a “human drama of rare power.”

“Singleton is a director who brings together two attributes not always found in the same film: He has a subject, and he has a style,” Ebert wrote. “The film is not only important, but also a joy to watch, because his camera is so confident and he wins such natural performances from his actors.”

Singleton was the first African-American nominated for an Academy Award for best director.

His most recent work includes the FX show “Snowfall,” about the rise of crack in Los Angeles. Singleton is one of the creators and executive producers of the show. According to the Internet Movie Database, Singleton directed three episodes.

This article originally appeared on CNN.

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