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Janet Jackson Shares Video Message: ‘I Do not Have Cancer’

Janet Jackson tweeted a video post refuting rumors that she has cancer, which included lyrics to her ‘Unbreakable track, “The Great Forever”

“I’m recovering,” singer adds, along with lyrics to ‘Unbreakable’ track, “The Great Forever”

Janet Jackson refuted rumors that she has throat cancer in a video post that she tweeted on Wednesday.

The tweet reads, “From my lips…” and it’s followed by a two-minute clip, which begins with scrolled lyrics from her Unbreakable track, “The Great Forever.” The song includes the lines “Not too pleased with what you’re digging/I’m busy livin’ my life/Sources say but where ya gettin’ it/Don’t create the truth you like,” which are fitting in addressing the rumors.

The clip ends with a message: “Remember…believe it when you hear it from my lips. The rumors are untrue. I do not have cancer. I’m recovering. My doctors have approved my concerts as scheduled in Europe, and as I promised, the postponed shows will be rescheduled. Thank you for your prayers and love.”

Late last month, the singer had to postpone her Unbreakable Tour after doctors recommended she have an unspecified surgery. “I need you to know, I learned today, from my doctors that I must have surgery soon,” Jackson wrote on social media. “It breaks my heart to tell you that I am forced to postpone the Unbreakable Tour until the spring.”

In October, she had also postponed several concerts so that she could rest her vocal cords. She didn’t reveal whether the surgery was in relation to the concert cancellations, but wrote that each concert would be rescheduled. She concluded the post with “Please pray for me, my family and our entire company during this difficult time. There will be no further comment,” Jackson added. “I love you all so much and am ever grateful for your understanding and your love. Gon’ b alright.”


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