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Jackson calls for mass southern demonstration to demand accurate count  

By Chinta Strausberg
Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. Saturday called for a massive demonstration in Atlanta, Georgia if Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, a black, doesn’t get justice in the recount.
Abrams is in a recount battle with former Secretary of State Brian Kemp whose lead continues to shrink.
“In Georgia, you have the player (Kemp), the referee, the scorekeeper and the timekeeper at the same time,” Jackson said referring to Kemp being the Secretary of State while running for governor. After the election, Kemp finally resigned declaring himself the winner.
Rev. Jackson was in Atlanta at the Pitman Center where hundreds of people were standing in line waiting to vote on three machines. “We raised a lot of cane and got five brand new ones. We later learned there were 45 untouched machines in the warehouse. They were still bringing in new machines at 5 p.m. They can’t be trusted.”
Jackson called for a massive southern demonstration in Atlanta, Georgia. “If their votes don’t count, they must let their bodies count.  The schemes to disfranchise are continuous; so we need mass action.
“The system is not working for us,” Jackson said. “You can’t be the Secretary of the State and a candidate at the same time. We cannot trust the count in Georgia or Florida,” Jackson said calling for mass action.
In Florida where Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum is running against Republican Ron DeSantis, an Hispanic, Rev. Jackson said that race “needs a total count, not a recount. They have not counted a fair count.
“They manipulated the books in 2000. They can’t be trusted,” Jackson said.

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