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IUPUI introduces micro-scholarships for high school students

Indiana high school students looking to learn more about scholarships and financial aid have a free resource at their fingertips to prepare for admission to college: Raise-Me scholarships. IUPUI has begun a partnership with the online college-readiness platform to give high school students the ability to earn micro-scholarships for college starting as early as ninth grade.

On RaiseMe, high school students interested in IUPUI are able to earn incremental micro-scholarships from the university for each of their individual achievements throughout high school. The scholarships range from academic — up to $200 for each A in any core course, up to $9,000 for a high GPA, or up to $1,000 for scoring well on the PSAT or PreACT — to the extracurricular — up to $10 for each hour of community service and up to $100 for each leadership position or sport — and more.

“At IUPUI, there is no question that a college education is a major investment. When students select IUPUI, they can feel confident they’re getting a great value for their tuition dollars. We strive to make their college education affordable by keeping tuition low, offering substantial amounts of financial aid and providing programs designed to help students minimize their college debt,” said Boyd Bradshaw, IUPUI’s associate vice chancellor for enrollment management.

“Our exciting partnership with RaiseMe is one more way we can help provide educational opportunities for future Jaguars who choose to make their college home here at IUPUI,” Bradshaw said.

Students can also earn RaiseMe micro-scholarships for college-readiness activities, like visiting IUPUI’s campus, attending a college fair, or receiving 21st Century Scholar or Frank O’Bannon honors from the Indiana Commission for Higher Education. Over time, as students progress through high school, RaiseMe’s accumulating micro-scholarships are designed to encourage students’ personal and ac-ademic development while providing them with a new way to track expected scholarships and financial aid from the university.

Already, high school students have cumulatively earned more than $12 million in scholarships from IUPUI through RaiseMe — money that is guaranteed upon applying to, being accepted by and committing to IUPUI.

This fall, Indiana University South Bend also launched a micro-scholarship program on RaiseMe.

In total, two IU campuses and 11 other Indiana colleges and universities are currently offering micro-scholarships to eligible high school students on RaiseMe, including Indiana State University, Indiana Institute of Technology and Valparaiso University. Nationwide, nearly 1 million high school students have earned micro-scholarships on RaiseMe. The platform serves more than 265 total colleges nationwide.

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