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It is no secret by now that these are very challenging times in America. It has been often pointed out that the so-called “right-wing and left-wing” of elected powerbrokers are attached to the same bird.

The question can be asked if that proverbial bird is threatened by the current anti-establishment tenor of the government. Is that bird threatened with socio-political dismemberment and is now lingering on life support? Or is the bird in transition mode in order to shift the reigns of power to suit a broader, global agenda?

It truly appears that a corner has been turned in America. Since the establishment of the republic, it has always been assumed that the tenets outlined in the Constitution of the United States were universally embraced by the population. Based on the antics of the January 6 “Insurrectionists,” this might no longer be the shared vision of a significant sector of the population.

It appears that a large number of Americans no longer believe in democracy; they are willing to embrace wildly unqualified candidates and extreme legislative positions without regard to consequences. These cracks in the American body politic cross racial and gender lines.

The foregoing is evident in the phenomena of people observing blatantly criminal behavior from elected officials, or of candidates who obviously are unqualified to hold the positions which they are targeting, being embraced regardless of negative behavior.

There are candidates who shouldn’t even be considered for the position of dog catcher running on platforms that serve a far-right agenda, and Black people should be particularly incensed about the way a Black candidate is being used and publicly humiliated in this regard.

We must call a spade a spade; it is propaganda that is aimed at the masses that has convinced people that there is no difference between the right and left wings of our government, at least at the national level. This propaganda is effective because of the ongoing campaign to “dumb down” the population.

The current initiative to ban books that are classics in order to keep information from circulating is just the latest in a long line of strategies that has ramped up since 2016.

Voters have learned to embrace lies, and the model for this behavior has been blatantly exhibited by the former president of the United States. Fake news is so ubiquitous that it has genuinely become difficult to distinguish truth from fiction, even when viable examples of both are obviously evident. But more importantly, it appears that many people can actually see the differences but have CHOSEN to embrace the greater of two evils!

That last point is the key indicator of the slippery slope on which the threats to democracy currently reside. Some people have actually come out to say they are willing to relinquish democratic principles in order to hold onto power. Others are observing this behavior and are strangely silent.

It is surmised that their neutral positions regarding the obvious grab for power at the expense of democratic fairness is a signal of tacit “on-the-downlow” agreement with the radicals that are threatening our country.

One of the most egregious examples of the depths to which one side of our government has sunk is their attempt to actually overthrow the government as previously stated. If anyone has been watching the proceedings of the January 6 hearings this becomes obvious.

Our government has been hi-jacked by a malevolent branch of the Republican Party, and so-called decent people are acting like ostriches with their heads in the sand. It is obvious that they have signed a pact with the underbelly of decorum in order to acquire and hold onto power.

With this said, it will be very, VERY important for the African American voting bloc to make the right decisions, i.e., to vote for that which will benefit the largest segment of the population. It will be very important to understand that democracy is under attack, and that on a basic level there IS a difference between national right-wing and left-wing agendas, even though there may be an underlying general consensus regarding overall global stratagems that unite the two!

The left is outwardly attempting to hold onto some semblance of democracy, while the right is blatantly vying for power! If voters’ lack of discernment in this regard remains confused, we may end up with a United States totalitarian regime! A Luta Continua.

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