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Insurance Options for Concealed Carry Permit Holders

Throughout the recently completed series, “Carrying While Black,” experts mention the responsibilities that come with being a legal gun owner. One of those responsibilities includes having insurance in case you become involved in a situation where you have to draw your weapon to defend yourself or, indeed, fire shots.

The legal quagmire one can become embroiled in due to such an event can lead to financial ruin, physical and emotional injuries or even being charged with a crime. Fortunately, there are several insurance options available.

Choosing any type of insurance can be tricky. With all of the options available, you don’t want to pay for something you don’t feel you will need or use based on your budget. There are also other family members one needs to consider. You want your spouse or children to be covered as well in case they are home and have to use the weapon. There are also different types of plans with varying pay scales, from monthly to quarterly and yearly premiums.

It is also important to note that all of the companies mentioned here are reputable businesses, and it is important for you to do your own research before making a final decision. The Crusader lists them here in no particular order.

Second Call

Second Call Defense offers upfront payments of all your covered fees, such as attorneys’ fees, so you don’t have to shell out the money yourself for bail or during the trial. The coverage plan covers the entire country in their standard plan.

Here is their pricing and compensation package for their full protection package. Go to their website for a full listing

Monthly cost – $14.95/month (add spouse for extra $5)

Civil defense coverage limit – $500,000

Criminal defense coverage limit – $50,000

Bail amount – $5,000

Lost wages compensation – $250/day

U.S. and Texas Law Shield

U.S. and TX Law Shield has no limit on their civil or criminal defense coverage, exceeding the offerings from companies like USCCA. You make your payments upfront, so there is no waiting for reimbursements on attorneys’ fees while planning your legal defense.

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Deverick Woodfork

Deverick Woodfork, a Black construction worker from Texas, used his firearm last year to protect his wife and children during an attempted carjacking in Houston. Months prior he had purchased insurance from U.S. and TX Law Shield. He said that decision saved his life after the gunfight he had with his assailant.


Monthly cost – $10.95/month

Civil defense coverage limit – no limit

Criminal defense coverage limit – no limit

Bail amount – no coverage at the basic level

Lost wages compensation – no coverage at the basic level


This company is unique in that it offers a policy if you only want coverage while defending your home, in addition to regular concealed carry coverage. If your firearms will be used primarily at the range and at home, a basic home defense plan can give you the essential coverage.

However, a more robust plan is still available that offers great benefits at a reasonable price. CCW Safe also allows one the option of picking your own attorney through their network. It is important to note, because a CCW Safe plan isn’t insurance, it isn’t underwritten by a traditional insurance company. The company is self-funded, through membership fees and investments of those fees.

Monthly cost – $18/month

Civil defense coverage limit – no limit

Criminal defense coveragenlimit – no limit

Bail amount – $500,000

Lost wages compensation – $250/day

Firearms Legal Protection

terry johnson
Attorney Terry Johnson

While a bit pricier than some of the others mentioned, FLP offers a lot more benefits, including up to $1,000 reimbursement for your gun if it is confiscated by police during the investigation (it will be for an unknown period of time). It also provides bail bond protection and counseling support.

Attorney Terry Johnson is vice president of FLP and is a retired criminal defense attorney, who concentrated on protecting those involved in self-defense usage cases.

Monthly cost – $24.95 (Individual Premium) additional $15 for family plan

Protection in all 50 states

Bail bond protection up to $250,000

Expert witness and investigator fees

Counseling support

Lost wages reimbursement

Incident scene cleanup

Firearms confiscation payment up to $1,000

Other options one may want to consider are USCCA, which is one of the most popular companies out there. They have a significant focus on training with lots of extra features, but at the highest price and limited coverage.

Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network offers low monthly rates, unlimited coverage, and you can pick your own attorney, making them a viable option for concealed carry insurance.


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