Inmate Starts A Clothing Line From Jail Using Dental Floss And A Paperclip To Sew

Rashod "2500 Shod" Stanley (Instagram)

Rashod Stanley created “The Trenches” line.

Written by Tweety Elitou

Creativity cannot be stopped in a cage nor can talent be stifled behind bars! These words were inspired after social media was introduced to Rashod “2500 Shod” Stanley, an Atlanta-native who took his designer skills to create a fashion line—while being incarcerated.

Recently, the 25-year-old inmate went viral after a video clip surfaced of him modeling clothing from his “The Trenches” line, which he made using prison uniforms and materials.

In the video, he proudly showed off his work while explaining how he took prison gear and the material from a prison mat to create his ensemble.

“I would like to think I was the flyest guy in high school and on the streets,” Shod, who’s currently locked up on robbery charges, told The Shade Room.

According to a GoFundMe page, at the age of 19, Shod owned his very own store in Bankhead before getting caught up with the wrong crowd. Now he’s on a mission to share his story, create clothing and inspire others not to go down the wrong path.

“I want people to know my story because location doesn’t determine destination. I want to inspire others to make something out of nothing and reach their full potential without making excuses,” Shod said. “I want to be a mentor and public speaker to at-risk kids that’s following down the wrong path.”

Although Shod currently sews his clothing using dental floss and a paper clip, his goal is to make his fashion line shopable for all.

“I want to make a name for myself as a fashion designer in the fashion community. I also want to start a nonprofit organization for low-income communities in Atlanta and eventually expand nationwide,” Shod said.

“I want to inspire others to elevate their hustle,” Shod shared.

Going off his growing social media following, we think he may have did just that!

This article originally appeared on BET.

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    • Yes, no not kidding you! Necessity is the mother of creativity and invention…it’s how we survived this country, from jazz to rap, to now another clothing line behind bars, no less, black ingenuity, we have to be creative, no one’s handing us anything. At our core that’s who we are. It’s the living manifestation of God through us! Embrace it!

    • Would you rather talent go completely to waste and him continue to be that statistic the government want black men to be or him do something legit and worthy in his life?????!!!!! Since you are being negative !!!!

  1. The original article appeared on my website ! Y’all need to learn how to do research! This story went viral months ago because of me. Get the facts right.

    • The originally article that we posted is a story written by Tweety Elitou and we got it from BET. That is what we mean when we state this article originally appeared…not who was the first to write it in general. No offense is intended to anyone. Our apologies for the confusion.

  2. But do the inmates allow this guy to walk around wearing this? if so that would be pretty cool, if not that must suck only being fly in the cell.

    • trust me the inmates are buying the shit, he will have no commissary worries for the rest of his stay. Now he might have some issues with the guards and the warden. He is in the south so when the right-wingers get wind of it they will shut him down. They do not believe prison is for rehabilitation. Just to punish and make more violent criminals to send back on the streets.

  3. I’m confused. I’ve worked in a prison before. There are usually charges and write ups for altering prison uniforms. There are charges for vandalism (mattress). They aren’t usually allowed cell phones or electronics or tgere were charges. How did this go viral and what were the penalties for the damages?

    • This man is doing something useful with himself and his time. Maybe instead of trying to find out what the consequences were, you can see how you might be able to assist him in his growth since you are familiar with the prison system.

    • Thats what im saying, this is a great idea and all, but in real life, they would charge him w vandalsm and the phones?? Oh no that would not be allowed at all. I know. Ive been to prison. Sure they get away with a lot but not for long at all. Lock down will come.

  4. Can’t wait to here more about his story! Very talented and can reach many!! Thanks

  5. I wish this young man nothing but the best with his life going forward. It’s amazing how much talent is locked behind bars. Use your brains on the outside so that you won’t have to go viral from the inside. You say you’ve learned a lesson and you want to inspire others to not go down the wrong path. That’s commendable. I hope it’s not just that locked up talk. You know like some prisoners find Jesus when they are in jail but once released they leave Jesus there. No judgment just comment. This young man could become a fashion icon if he stay faithful to a crimeless journey.

  6. If he was buying his materials i see no problem but the materials aren’t his so he is just defacing govt property and trying to profit from it, which in turn is stealing.

  7. I’m happy for him but really isn’t supposed to vandalize State property and also not supposed to be wearing jewelry and also not supposed to have a phone to take a picture of this s*** so I’m not sure what’s going on with the other picture start being over legs but at least he’s making good use of his time

  8. He is using a cell phone in Prison which is a charge. He’s destroying State or County property. He is making profit and not being made to pay restitution to his victims if any. Once you leave prison you do you. Inside you want to sew do it in the prison workshop.

  9. This is so funny being that I actually work around him at that very prison. He stayed tearing up shit, and I honestly told him he was fly because he definitely talented! It’s the truth and maybe when he get out he do right, he was going to his classes faithfully and very respectful to staff!

  10. Man, after reading some of these comments, I’m really sitting here smh in disgust. I have bn 2 prison also, and I must make it known that not all prisons r set up alike; ever heard of hobby craft? This could very well be a way 4 him and other inmates 2 show off their talents and skills. We’re with all this negativity, but this could very well help this young 2 stay the course and provide 4 his family, legally!!! As christians, we should be supporting rehab; cause like the bible says, ” we all fall short of the glory of God”, so lets stop judging and lets be more supportive 2 one another. Do ur thing young brother and make sure that u have a plan n place 2 take care of ur family and stay legal. FYI; its a whole lot of things that inmates do n prison, that r a lot more detrimental 2 the system, and warrant write-ups, than what this young is doing. GOD BLESS!!!

  11. The negativity that is displayed shows the hatred in America regardless if it’s against rules at least he is doing something positive instead of making prison weapons killing or hurting anyone….we are suppose to uplift each other the lack of love shows in these comments is almost a disgrace

  12. He is getting time in the hole and destruction of property charges, but he hasn’t stopped. They even took his soap! A little research… goes a long way.


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