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Infant saved by former 28th ward aldermanic candidate dies 2 days later

Photo caption: Aftermath of the car accident outside of former 28th ward aldermanic candidate Shawn Walker’s home on Sunday, April 16.

The 5-month-old baby boy former 28th aldermanic ward candidate Shawn Walker saved on Sunday, April 16, died Tuesday morning, April 18, as a result of a fiery car crash involving a stolen car that landed in his front yard.

It was 5 p.m. on April 16, when Shawn Walker, former 28th Ward aldermanic candidate was relaxing in his living room watching the NBA LA Clippers vs. Phoenix Suns game when he heard a loud boom in front of his home.

When he dashed outside, Walker was stunned to see two mangled cars sitting in front of his home at the corner of Kostner and Washington.

“One of the cars had hit the light pole and the other one ran up on the tree. I assessed the damage and then I saw someone getting out of the black Honda,” he said, referring to what police called an alleged stolen car that Walker said contained four boys. The other vehicle was a truck.

“We went over to the truck where we saw one adult female, a female child about six, and a teenage girl about 17. There was a baby in there, too. We were able to get the baby out. I didn’t know at the time that the baby wasn’t breathing until the young lady said something,” Walker recounted.

He said the adult female could not get out of the truck because her door was jammed due to the crash. “The only person able to get out of that truck was the little girl.

“I started CPR on the baby until the ambulance got there,” Walker said. “I was able to get the baby resuscitated until the paramedics got there.”

“As a father of a 25-year-old son, my first instincts were to assist the family and making sure the baby was OK. It was nothing that I wouldn’t do with any situation in the community as I have always done.”

While Walker said two of the four occupants in the Honda were arrested, the Chicago Police Department told the Chicago Crusader late Monday night, “The investigation is ongoing at this time and Area detectives continue to investigate.”


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