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Illinois Supreme Court upholds law that bans assault weapons and switches and restricts the sale of high-capacity magazines

The following is a statement from Yolanda Androzzo, executive director of One Aim Illinois, on the decision released today by the Illinois Supreme Court to uphold the Protect Illinois Communities Act, a law passed earlier this year that bans assault weapons and switches, and restricts the sale of high-capacity magazines in Illinois:

“Today the Illinois Supreme Court ruled in favor of saving lives, without any violation to people’s 2nd Amendment rights. Military-style assault weapons are used for the purpose of killing at a high volume. In fact, data shows that when assault weapons or high-capacity magazines are used about 50% more people are killed and more than twice as many are shot. Today’s decision validates the work done by survivors, advocates and legislators from every corner of Illinois. Our children, our families, and our entire state will be safer for it.”

About One Aim Illinois:

One Aim Illinois is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works to end gun violence in Illinois by educating, advocating, and organizing to translate public opinion into effective public policy. Integral to our work, One Aim leads the state’s largest grassroots coalition working to protect Illinois families from firearm violence. We also work alongside our independent partner organizations, Gun Violence Prevention PAC (G-PAC) and Gun Violence Prevention Action Committee (GVPAction) to achieve our shared goals. Learn more at


Rep. Buckner Responds to Illinois Supreme Court Upholding Assault Weapons Ban


Illinois State Rep. Kam Buckner, D-Chicago, issued this statement following the Illinois Supreme Court’s decision that the assault weapons ban passed earlier this year was legal:

“Today’s decision to support the Protect Illinois Communities Act is a win for people fighting for the cause of public safety in Illinois. The deadly impact the gun violence pandemic has had on the people of our state, especially Black and Brown people, is tragic. Dozens of communities have been traumatized and thousands of lives have been lost, and the only cure for this disease is robust gun safety reform.

“Illinois is a state committed to building a safer future for its children. An unequivocal ban on weapons of war that have no place on our streets is progress in the fight to destroy the specter of deadly gun violence that hangs over far too many innocent people.

“Now that this nonsense legal challenge has been rightfully set aside, it’s time to focus on next steps. I hope very soon I will have the privilege of announcing the passage of further safety measures to end the epidemic of gun violence that we have lived with for too long.”

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