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Idea to help others land a job could be worth $30K

In June, Great Lakes Coca-Cola Bottling introduced “Dear Future Chicago,” an ambitious challenge to young adults to come up with new, innovative ideas to improve workforce development in the greater Chicago area. Dear Future Chicago is a part of the national “Dear Future Challenge,” an initiative by The Coca-Cola Company to encourage people to join in locally based efforts to renew and strengthen communities across America.

“As a community experiencing higher rates of joblessness, compared to the national average, Chicagoland residents and businesses have an opportunity to provide those looking for work with the tools they need to land a job and to be successful in that role,” said Clare Galvão, Commercial Director at Great Lakes Coca-Cola Bottling. “Dear Future Chicago is an effort to engage the energy and passion of young people to take a leadership role in helping to solve this complex issue.”

To participate in the Dear Future Chicago challenge, young adults ages 18 to 24 can submit their ideas, online or live on campuses, on how to provide local residents with the tools to land jobs.  After the program closes in mid-October, all of the submissions will be evaluated and an award of $30,000 will be made to one change making idea. The change maker behind the winning ideas will be paired with local partners – Coca-Cola Scholars, local NGOs – who will mentor them and help them turn their vision into reality. Details on the program and submission can be found by visiting

Dear Future Challenge is inspired by the decades-long Coca-Cola Scholars program, where The Coca-Cola Company encourages America’s youth to help lead and renew their communities. In the program’s 30th anniversary, The Coca-Cola Company is partnering with Coca-Cola Scholars to invite their peers to participate in Dear Future Challenges across America. Chicago is one of 15 cities around the country where young people can sign up and propose their ideas to address an issue that’s impacting their community.

The Coca-Cola Company has a long history of supporting organizations that make a positive impact in the Chicago region. This includes organizations that are dedicated to providing individuals with the tools to find the jobs of their dreams.

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