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ICYMI: WTHR-TV Highlights Police Effort to Suppress African American Voters in Indiana

Last week Governor Pence’s State Police raided the largest voter- registration program in the state of Indiana and, in the process, stopped an effort to increase voter participation in the African American community.

WTHR-TV takes a closer look at the State police raids and the expansion of voter suppression efforts into even more counties across the state. The full article can be found online at (Excerpts below)

With one week out for the voter registration deadline, the Indiana Voter Registration Project says 45,000 African-American voters are in jeopardy of not being able to vote because the forms they filled out have come into question because of this investigation. They might not find out until they show up to the polls to vote.

Patriot Majority USA released a second statement specifically about Tuesday’s raid, calling it “partisan,” and saying it “violated numerous legal standards, and even insinuated it may have been coordinated with Republican Secretary of State Connie Lawson.

“The raid by Indiana State Police sought to intimidate the Indiana Voter Registration Project (IVRP) in numerous ways,” the statement said. “For example, investigators seized personal cell phones not related to the investigation; prohibited videotaping of investigators’ activities in the IVRP’s offices; [and] prevented IVRP staff from contacting in-state legal counsel, and then demanded that a state trooper be present if staff members called an attorney, a clear violation of attorney-client privilege.”

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