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Hundreds of jobs planned as Akyumen seals deal for facility on Gary land

Akyumen Industries Corp., the cell phone manufacturing company that acquired the Genesis Center through a secret deal, plans to bring hundreds of jobs to Gary in the first phase of development, according to an amended resolution with the Gary Redevelopment Commission.

The company plans to operate the first U.S.-based smart technology manufacturing plant, in Gary.

Akyumen recently closed on the former Ivanhoe Gardens property in a deal with the city. Akyumen paid $50,000 for the property at the northwest corner of 11th Avenue and Chase Street where the company plans to locate the proposed Nano Factory. As part of the deal, Akyumen plans to hire about 300 workers in its first phase of development in the first year, and as many as 2,500 workers by the second and third years. Akyumen expects the project will also mean about 300 construction jobs, according to the documents.

The deal also includes a $150,000 escrow payment that will be returned to the company upon meeting the terms of the deal.

Akyumen will reportedly create jobs that will include 10 executive positions, and 40 supervisory or managerial positions. Additional staff positions will be in customer service, tech support, assembly line labor, development, operations and support staff. The salary for executive and managerial positions will be between $60,000 and $100,000 annually plus benefits. Hourly positions will start between $15.75 and $21.75 per hour and will include benefits depending on the department and qualifications.

The 150,000-square-foot facility will be built on more than 27 acres at 3100 to 3134 11th Ave., where the former Ivanhoe Gardens housing development was located. The facility will serve as the company’s U.S. headquarters and plant for making a new generation of 5G phones, tablets and other transformative mobile devices.

Under the agreement with Gary Mayor Jerome Prince, the Gary Redevelopment Commission will transfer ownership of the Ivanhoe Gardens Housing Development site as well as the city-owned Genesis Convention Center to Akyumen.

Phase one of the development will include the combined Nano factory and residence hall. In news reports, Eric Reeves, chair of the RDC, said negotiations for the Genesis Center are not finalized but are moving forward.

Akyumen officials reportedly have started work on the design plans to finish by mid-January. Akyumen officials expect construction will begin once the company obtains proper permits and approvals from city boards and commissions, and ultimately the common council.

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