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Helping Black children better COPE with learning

Introducing a new concept in education: the Circle of Origins, Processing and Expression (COPE). This concept disables formal or official authority control of the classroom and curriculum and empowers people.

This is nothing close to rhetoric. COPE is a concrete strategy so simplistic yet profound, it begs serious and urgent consideration. Two things must occur.

The first requirement is to divorce ourselves from thinking we could not possibly have better ideas than those trying to run (ruin) our lives.

The second necessity is to reintroduce and enforce in the public mainstream the belief of “power to the people.”

Automation, technology and frightfully the advent of Artificial Intelligence made us lethargic. Minimal exertion with a desire for maximum gratification are pervasive expectations.

COPE can be done after school, in neighborhood centers, churches, offices after hours, gymnasiums and libraries. We have unused free space everywhere.

Now exactly what is COPE?

The letter C. The sanctity of the CIRCLE is sacrosanct for myriad reasons. Circles are significant symbolically; they frequently stand for peace and unity. Take a look at the Olympic logo, for instance. It contains five overlapping rings of various colors that collectively symbolize the world’s five major continents, which are joined in a spirit of healthy rivalry.

From the pen’s tip to the form of the planets, circles are used. In life, circles exist all around us, yet even when they are right in front of us, we just fail to see this.

This is how a circle appears. The diameter of a circle is the segment of a line that connects its two border points and traverses its center. A circle’s diameter is twice as large as its radius.

The letter O. ORIGINS is the dispensation of fundamental, untainted truths. It is not to be confused with orientation, which relies on interpretation and subjective cultivation. While all people are likely to have their views or understanding influenced by personal values and beliefs, there are definitely still facts that can’t be compromised with integrity.

The letter P. What we learn is inconsequential unless we can transform knowledge into performance. PROCESSING is the analytical enabling of contextualization of information, skills, history and practices.

The letter E. EXPRESSION is the ultimate outcome of learning, combined with practice application. It may be manifested in career or professional achievement, humanitarian deeds, demonstrations of talent or redirecting intellectual or performance wisdom to assure the circle remains unbroken.

COPE is a methodology, not a program, or organization. Many forms of the philosophy have long been in existence with various modifications. What we propose is more intentional and structured implementation of this or similar initiatives.

Change must come from the grassroots up. Find volunteers in your neighborhood, family, place of employment, religious community, organization, civic or social resources, or the circle of closest friends, relatives and associates. Deep down, all caring men and women are TEACHERS. Just function in the space you’re most comfortable.

Let’s be the revolution and rebuke those who would erase us. COPE has tremendous, boundless potential. Don’t dismiss the possibilities and most importantly, have this conversation on a serious level with others.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. assured us that change won’t ride in on the wings of the inevitable, that what we won’t make happen will likely never happen. Become the change.

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