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Are we just going to sit here and pretend we don’t see that them Kardashian witches are slowly killing the man formerly known as Kanye West? That white masks and the crazy, jacked-up haircut that NO BLACK MAN ON EARTH EVER would put on his head NOWHERE IN THE MODERN UNIVERSE was the final straw for some of his fans. “I read a book about how they do mental health treatments in the military and they got that Negro in some sort of 5150 hold. He comes out with blond hair. Then he comes out with a white man’s face. Then he cuts up his head like hat—all the while divorcing his wife, releasing the Donda record, and selling off all of his real estate. He ain’t selling (cussword). They are liquidating his assets.” Another person who claimed they “stopped listening to him years ago,” offered this, “Well look at what they did to Britney Spears. They put a 5150 on her, doped her with lithium and take her off of it when they need her to go to work. She talks like a baby now and she seems incoherent. Remember when she cut herself bald saying “they are in my head.” Maybe Kanye is doing the same with the haircut. It’s all weird but them white folks got their hands on him. He’s like the people we lost in the Atlantic. He’s gone and what we gone do for him? Sad.”

Well, who knows with Hollyweird. One thing we do agree with is—when they say it’s Kanye under the mask, how do you know that’s him? He could have been institutionalized—-because he surely went quiet after tweeting how his mother-in-law was a tyrant and racist. Shortly after a series of his internet screams for help, he went quiet and the next time we see him, he’s in the middle of Arlington Heights Field with a devil worshiper and an upside cross. Donda’s boy if you’re reading this, knock five times on our bedroom window, scream “Hootie Hoo” and cash app us $5 million and we got you.

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