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Heavenly thoughts in toxic humanity

In a recent editorial, there was a discussion about the chaos that is extant in the Black community as a result of social media. Social media is the chief vehicle for the dissemination of disinformation, and the fallout is impacting just about every area of our lives. It is very difficult to separate truth from fiction in social media posts.

The interesting thing about the rampant deception is that it is bringing out keyboard villains who in everyday life think they are decent people. At the current time, there are so many “beefs” reported to be in the Black community that the result can be called a “chaos beef stew!”

And if the truth be told, the majority of “stories” circulating are unproven and are most likely lies. In fact, a number of photos accompanying a lot of the stories are obviously photoshopped or are the product of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Social media is not the only vehicle for the spread of disinformation and identity theft; the practice is rampant in other areas. Social media, however, has the dubious advantage of access by regular people. Individuals behind keyboards are able to let loose of toxic emotions that would not be revealed in their everyday lives. They become in essence keyboard villains, helping to spread the toxic information and in many cases, outright hatred that results.

Ironically, coupled with the wishes for doom and retribution that a lot of the keyboard warriors create are ideas of “heaven.” There is a lot of talk about an anticipated “rapture” that people discuss amid the spread of disinformation and the attendant hatred it usually foments. At the same time, these individuals are anticipating that they are bound for “heaven” and believe those who are being maligned will go to “hell.”

The strange thing about this is that so many of those who are wishing hell on others assume that in their own lives they are going to heaven. This is illogical on so many levels because their behavior is the exact opposite of that which would be welcomed in heaven.

The concept of heaven is a Christian one. According to a Wikipedia entry, it identifies heaven, or the heavens, as “a common religious cosmological or transcendental supernatural place where beings such as deities, angels, souls, saints, or venerated ancestors are said to originate, be enthroned, or reside.”

Essentially, it is the abode of God, the angels and the spirits of the righteous after death; the alleged dwelling place of the blessed after the mortal life.

Heaven, therefore, is expected to be an ideal place, a place where there will be no wars, no hatred, and ideal living conditions. It is psychologically painted as a place of everlasting love, peace and beauty. Heaven is the reward for people who have lived impeccable lives while alive on Earth.

Considering the foregoing, it’s ironic that so many of those spreading disinformation, lies and thoughts of hatred for others are convinced they are going to heaven. The behavior that so many people exhibit currently is NOT the kind of behavior that would be tolerated in the traditional description of heaven; haters, liars, racists, and others would be persona non grata at the “pearly gates.”

Essentially, there is so much hatred in today’s world that if heaven is real, most of the people today will not be allowed to bring that toxicity to it because that would turn heaven into the “hell” of our current situation on Earth.

Black people are against other Blacks, whites are against Blacks; Black people AND white people are against Latino immigrants; Africa is in turmoil; China seems to have set its sights on world economic domination; Russia is at war with the Ukraine and is threatening nuclear warfare; Israel is at war with Hamas, and this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Considering the foregoing, a question arises: are humans incurably xenophobic? Is it impossible for us to reach a state of peaceful co-existence? Hopefully, this question can be answered with a resounding NO! Otherwise, we need to think realistically, because if heaven really exists, most people will not make the cut! Aluta Continua.

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