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Harvey Mayor candidate Anthony McCaskill receives two new endorsements

Photo caption: Anthony McCaskill

As candidates in the south suburbs prepare to face off in the April 4, 2023 runoff election, businessman Anthony McCaskill received another endorsement in his bid for Mayor of Harvey on March 16, 2023.

Illinois State Senator and Thornton Township Democratic Committeeman Napoleon Harris was joined by Democratic leaders throughout Thornton Township in announcing his endorsement of Harvey Mayoral candidate Anthony McCaskill.

The announcement took place during a meeting of the Democrats of Thornton Township at the Beggars Pizza restaurant in Harvey, Illinois.

“I am extremely proud to endorse Anthony McCaskill as the next Mayor of Harvey. My beloved Harvey has experienced numerous hardships dating back nearly forty years. However, the time is now to elect someone who truly has the right business background that can begin to lift our town from the unfortunate series of circumstances and misfortunes that has crushed the city’s finances and reputation,” says Senator Harris.

At the center of the April 4th, Mayoral election is public safety. Harvey has endured over 90 homicides over the past four years. An overwhelming majority of these murders have gone unsolved. In addition, there have been six police chiefs hired within the past four years which has led to more questions and scrutiny directed at the management of the police department.

Senator Harris adds, “Harvey is a town of six miles and less than thirty thousand residents. Ninety homicides in just four years is not an accurate reflection of the town in which we all love so much. Anthony McCaskill will take a no-nonsense approach to Harvey’s crime issues. He will ensure that every facet of the police department is fully resourced and the current group of sworn police personnel are properly trained and prepared to handle these mounting issues.”

The Chicago Crusader Newspaper Editorial Board and Publisher Dorothy R. Leavell also endorsed Anthony McCaskill.

McCaskill has already received numerous endorsements from local, regional, and state leaders. He recently received the endorsement of current Secretary of State Jesse White.

In 2019, Anthony McCaskill finished a close second in the six-person race for Mayor of Harvey, finishing second to Chris Clark. However, this year Anthony McCaskill has now secured the powerful endorsements of the four former Mayoral candidates from the 2019 Primary Election. They include Bishop Ronnie Lee, Pastor of the Nehemiah Christian Center of Harvey, Illinois; Keith Price–Former 6th ward Harvey Alderman; Greg Thomas–Former Harvey Police Chief; and Chuck Givens–Longtime Harvey community leader and 1st Ward Alderman.

McCaskill has also landed numerous clergy endorsements including Pastor James Sims and popular Cook County clergyman, Bishop Larry D. Trotter of the Sweet Holy Spirit Church of Chicagoland.

Pastor James Sims adds, “We desperately need Anthony’s leadership. This current administration has failed on many fronts. But most critical is that women and children are afraid to walk the streets of Harvey. Until this current administration, Harvey has never had these many homicides per year. The Clark administration has failed the people of Harvey. Our town continues to be unsafe.” says Pastor James Sims.

Anthony McCaskill is a lifelong Harvey resident who currently serves as Chairman of the Finance Committee in his role as Trustee of the Harvey Public Library Board. He also serves as Chairman of the South Suburban Region Black Chamber of Commerce.

McCaskill has pledged to residents that he will work relentlessly to transform Harvey into a fiscally accountable and transparent municipality. He feels that it is essential to safeguard the health, cleanliness, and safety of the community in ways that will reflect the needs of the people who live, work, and visit Harvey.

“We must create jobs and improve the quality of life for all Harvey residents. But we also must pursue opportunities to accelerate and expand the economic vitality of Harvey’s business community and neighborhoods.” says Anthony McCaskill.

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