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We are experiencing crucial times, and Black people, more than ever, need to unify in order to survive. Unfortunately, a deepening chasm is developing that may not be able to be fixed. All over the planet, Black people are opposing one another in spite of oppression and opposition coming from outside communities. Those who are aware of the importance of pulling together are faced with the illogical opinions of those who refuse to understand the importance of unity within diversity. They do not understand that a house divided will, indeed, fall.

Facebook provides an unexpected and informal gauge of what people are thinking all across the world. That is one of its benefits, but it also reveals appalling psychological states of being that would ordinarily not be apparent. It connects diverse individuals who otherwise would not be in contact with each other. What it reveals is extremely sad on one hand, but hopeful on another. The following opinions have been recently shared and demonstrate the depth of the divisions in our community.

One of the schisms that is happening is connected with what can be considered as class warfare. There are people who are in the process of fomenting discord related to the Greek organizations known as sororities and fraternities. These have traditionally been charitable organizations, especially the graduate chapters, and were founded on college campuses. Basically, a person had to be enrolled in college in order to pledge the various organizations. Sometimes, however, a person who has achieved a certain level of success in their chosen field is recruited. The nine that were started on college campuses are as follows: Sororities – Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA), Delta Sigma Theta ((ΔƩΘ); Zeta Phi Beta (ZɸB); and Sigma Gamma Rho (ƩΓΡ). The traditional fraternities are Kappa Alpha Psi (KAΨ); Alpha Phi Alpha (AɸA); Omega Psi Phi (ΩΨɸ); Phi Beta Sigma (ɸBΣ), and Iota Phi Theta (IɸΘ). Collectively, these groups are referred to as the “Divine Nine.” One more fraternity that recruits men of accomplishment who have already earned a college degree is Sigma Pi Chi (ΣΠΦ) and is known as the “Boule.” This last organization is accused by certain Black activists to have been developed to protect the “king” of white supremacy.

These allegations are being extended to all members of fraternities and sororities by some members of the Black community. The following is a very recent, and recurring attack on members of these organizations taken from a Facebook post: (they are)… “GATEKEEPERS OF WHITE SUPREMACY MASQUERADING AS LOVERS OF BLACK PPL… It’s Their Kind Pimping Poverty in Our Communities…LIKE CANCER…We Must Eradicate Them Before It’s Too Late.” This is an actual quote that has been posted on numerous occasions. The scary part is that the poster is advocating for the “eradication” of members of these “Greek” organizations, without posting any proof of wrongdoing by members. This same poster, by the way, insists that these sororities and fraternities are more dangerous to Black people than the gangs.

Another growing schism is that between ADOS, i.e., American Descendants of Slavery, and those who are not descendants of American slaves. For example, for the first time in 130 years, a Black woman, Imelme Umana, has been elected president of the highly esteemed Harvard Law Review. Though she was born in State College PA, she is the daughter of Nigerian immigrants, and because of this, she is being dismissed as insignificant because she is not ADOS by some African Americans.

Finally, Black foreign workers with a certain skill set, among others, are being expelled in South Africa. This includes Nigerians. The bottom line is that Black people everywhere are looking at each other in a tribalistic sense. This will forever keep Black people under the heels of oppression if they cannot see the bond that is common to us all. Enemies of the community are adept in exploiting our differences, and if we are not astute enough to know that we are being manipulated, we will continue to be handicapped in the quest for global parity. We need each other, and if we cannot figure this out, we will be left out! A Luta Continua.

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