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Gary Community School Corporation to Hire School Resource Officers

Gary Community School Corporation

In light of violent events taking place in schools across America, many districts are taking proactive measures by hiring additional safety personnel such as School Resource Officers (SRO). The Gary Community School Corporation is one such district that is making the investment with a goal of adding a layer of protection for students, staff and visitors who frequent school buildings.

Under the leadership of Director of Security Cliff Caldwell, a number of improvements are taking place to keep GCSC’s learning environment safe and secure. Through the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, the Gary Community School Corporation will be awarded the Secured School Safety Grant which will support these endeavors.

“We know the concerns that families have with the violent acts that have taken place in schools all over the country,” said Caldwell. “The addition of School Resource Officers is an example of us being proactive, and not waiting for something to happen. We are already prepared.”

Starting this semester, the Gary Community School Corporation will have 4 SRO’s patrolling each building daily and supporting the current security staff.

“As a parent of school-aged children, we entrust educators with not only educating our children but also keeping them safe while away from home,” said GCSC Manager Dr. Paige McNulty. “Having more officers visible can be a great crime deterrent and offers more peace of mind to the families we serve.”

A School Resource Officer is a trained and sworn police officer that is stationed on a campus. The additional training required in this role allows for the SRO to be a bridge between counselors and policing officials.

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