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Free Overtime Calculator for Businesses

In an effort to help business owners understand the financial impact the new federal overtime regulations will have on companies, Schererville-based Meyers Glaros Group has launched a free online calculator that will help owners analyze their payroll budget.

“The implementation of these new overtime rules is very reminiscent of the healthcare reform bills in terms of how companies are reacting – some have chosen to bury their head in the sand and wait to see what the outcome will be, and some have chosen to be proactive and be ready for these changes,” said Matt Glaros, Chief Strategy Officer with Meyers Glaros Group.

“Because of the costs involved, companies need to analyze how many of their employees will be affected by the new thresholds and the possible impact it will have on their payroll accounts,” Glaros said. “Then, discussions need to be held with management and human resources to determine the best possible outcome.”

Business owners should begin their preparations by visiting and analyzing the impact these new regulations will have on their payroll budgets. The calculator is completely free, and will serve as a handy resource for preserving your company’s bottom line.


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