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First A.M.E. Church launches Pickleball as an after church exercise activity for members and community

First AME Church - Pickleball

The gymnasium in the historic Baber Youth Center in Gary adjacent to First A.M.E. Church is being put to great use by its members. Pickleball, a paddle sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton & ping-pong, has surged in popularity nationally and is starting to catch on in Steel City. Ella Kelly (pictured left) learned to play pickleball at a fitness center in a neighboring community and decided to bring the concept to her church family as a way to keep seniors active and provide an activity for the community at large.

“As seniors, we need to stay active, and pickleball is great cardio without as much movement as tennis,” said Kelly.

While still in the early planning stages, Kelly and others are encouraging those who are interested to meet them at 2005 Massachusetts St. in Gary on Sundays around 1:00 p.m. Be sure to wear comfortable workout clothes and gymshoes. She and others on her team are willing to teach beginners the concepts of pickleball. She added that a formal launch of the program will take place later this summer. For more information, contact First A.M.E. Church at 219-886-7561.

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