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Family Focus Inc. starts ‘Beds for Kids’ initiative

Children in some homes in your community do not have their own beds to sleep in due to conditions passed down generationally, poverty, mental health, psychological issues, or substance abuse. Family Focus Inc. is currently accepting donations for their ‘Beds for Kids’ initiative so that beds can be purchased for families that need them most.

“When we go in to give our kids a kiss or hug and say goodnight, we don’t put much thought into the bed they are sleeping on,” said Jim Burns, Executive Director of Family Focus Inc. “There are children who live in our area who have never known the comfort of their own bed because their parents cannot afford one. Your donation will help provide a bed to a child in need and help give them a good night’s sleep and a good start to their next day.”

Some kids are sleeping with their parents, sharing beds with siblings, sleeping on couches, or even on floors and have never known what it is like to sleep in a bed. Most forms of neglect are not intentional, and in many of these instances, there are single parents who often cannot afford the daily living expenses of the family; therefore, beds are often seen as a luxury.

Through donations, we can help keep families together and provide resources to parents, assisting them in creating a safe and stable environment for their children. Each bed costs $250 and includes a brand new twin memory foam mattress and platform frame. Be a part of changing the lives of families and children in your community by donating to Family Focus for Beds for Kids.

Family Focus’s primary mission is to strengthen the family unit. Each of their programs falls under the umbrella of one of the following categories: crisis management, prevention, or parental education. Their management and staff all work together so that opportunities can be created for friends, neighbors, and families to have brighter futures.

For more information on how Family Focus is helping to create safe and loving homes in your area, and to donate for ‘Beds for Kids’ visit

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