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Dolphins in action presentation resumes at Brookfield Zoo Chicago’s Seven Seas

Brookfield Zoo Chicago’s Dolphins in Action presentations have resumed after the marine mammals were temporarily at another accredited zoo while their habitat was being renovated for 15 months. (Credit: Brookfield Zoo Chicago)

On Friday, March 22, Brookfield Zoo Chicago’s Dolphins in Action presentations resumed for guests, who were thrilled to see the marine mammals back home at Seven Seas. For the past 15 months, the seven dolphins—Lucky, 50; Tapeko, 42; Allie, 36; Kai, 29; Spree, 21; Noelani, 20; and Allison, 18—were temporarily at another accredited zoo while their habitat was undergoing an extensive $10 million renovation.

In addition to featuring the dolphins’ agility and husbandry care they voluntarily participate in, the informative and engaging presentations highlight the Zoo’s Sarasota Dolphin Research Program. The Program is the longest-running study of dolphins in the wild that has provided information on the species’ biology, behavior, health, ecology, social structure, and communication that has benefited marine mammal conservation programs around the globe. The building’s interior now reflects the Sarasota Bay, Florida.

Also, reopened Friday, is the Underwater Viewing Gallery where zoogoers can see the dolphins swimming amongst the new additions to their habitat that encourage natural behaviors such as searching for food, playing. Enhancements to their environment include rockwork, a built-in bubbler system, and a shallow sand pit, where animal care staff can hide enrichment items or food for the dolphins to locate. Additionally, staff can attached to the rockwork a variety of enrichment items, including artificial kelp strips and floating objects, at different levels in the water for the dolphins to interact with.

Other upgrades that may be less obvious to guests include a new roof, skylights, lining to the pools, LED lighting, and a new heating and cooling system that allows for a better temperature-controlled climate in the building year-round.

Dolphins in Action presentations are held daily. For times and pricing visit

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