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DePaul University Black Leadership Coalition gives Rev. Jackson a “Peace and Justice” award

By Chinta Strausberg

Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. Tuesday received the “Peace and Justice” Award from the DePaul Black Leadership Coalition (DPUBLC) for his 50-years of Civil Rights contributions and his consistent fight worldwide for peace and justice.

In honor of DePaul University’s Dr. King prayer breakfast, the award was presented to Rev. Jackson by Robert W. Robinson, treasurer of the (DPUBLIC) who praised Rev. Jackson for his record on Civil Rights especially working Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and rescuing scores of prisoners abroad.

In a conversation setting with Dr. Horace R. Hall, associate professor of Education and a member of the Society of Vincent de Paul Professors, they discussed the life and legacy of Dr. King as seen through the eyes of one of King’s closest aides.

Rev. Jackson also gave a history lesson on how the new South can change not just politics by the American way of life. As proof, he pointed to the recent election of now Democratic Senator Doug Jones who defeated the controversial Roy Moore despite his being backed by President Trump.

Rev. Jackson talked about the times and challenges during the days of Dr. King and compared them to today’s current dilemma like voter suppression, moving campus polling places miles away and how the struggle for equality, access to capital and equal education continues.

Before leaving, Rev. Jackson, who was also given a T-Shirt, asked the more than 500 diverse audience to repeat his popular and inspirational battle cry: “”I Am Somebody.”

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