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Democratic precinct caucus vote will fill vacancy on Gary city council

At least seven candidates have filed to fill the vacancy on the Gary City Council with the departure of At-Large Councilman Mike Brown. Brown was elevated to Clerk of the Lake Circuit/Superior Court, an office he was the victor on the May Democratic Primary ballot, besting the incumbent office holder Lorenzo Arredondo.

Gary city councilCarol Ann Seaton, 5th district precinct captain for Gary’s Democratic Precinct Organization said she expects more candidates will file by the Wednesday, August 17th deadline. Gary’s 56 precinct committee chairs will select Brown’s replacement when they gather at the Diamond Center Saturday morning, August 20th.

The candidates will appeal to a body of long-time Democratic Party regulars, who will weigh their votes carefully. Some precinct committee chairs are employees of the city. All of the candidates are themselves precinct committee chairs.

Jonathan Boose, not pictured, has a background in community advocacy. His early support and sponsorship of annual Juneteenth and Kwanzaa celebrations have made these events a mainstay in the Gary community.

Robert Buggs currently serves as president of the Gary Community School Corporation Advisory Board and is a member of the Gary Public Library Board of Trustees.

Lori Latham is a former superintendent of the Gary Parks Department and has a background in community advocacy.

Mark Spencer is Director of Performing Arts for the Gary Community School Corporation and Director of the West Side Theatre Guild.

Darren Washington serves as chairman of the Calumet Township Trustee Board.

Carl Weatherspoon is the owner of CKW Sports Consulting, devoted to fitness training for area youth. He has a background in community advocacy.

Ronald White is a football coach at West Side Leadership Academy.

At-Large Councilman Mike Brown was sworn in as Lake County Clerk on August 6 after Arredondo resigned as clerk because of illness. The office went to Brown since he was uncontested in November’s General Election.

Seaton runs the caucus vote with Mayor Jerome Prince, chair of the precinct organization. She downplayed grumblings from some precinct committee chairs who complained that Prince was filling vacant precinct committee offices with Democrats who lived outside of the precincts, thus controlling votes for candidates he favored.

“Our state rule says the chairman can fill a vacancy with any Indiana party member,” Seaton said.

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