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Davis, Durbin, and Underwood’s Veterans Bill ready for the president’s signature

Danny K. Davis
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Sen. Dick Durbin

Senate Bill 4089, sponsored by U. S. Representative Danny K. Davis in the House of Representatives and U. S. Senator Richard J. Durbin in the Senate, will provide benefits to veterans who lost them when they attended institutions that closed or experienced disapproval of educational programming.

The American Rescue Plan established these benefits known as VRRAP to help veterans gain new skills to meet the changing workforce demands during the pandemic. Unfortunately, the veterans administration lacks the authority to restore benefits to veterans who attended these institutions that closed or experienced disapproval of educational programming.

Rep. Lauren Underwood
Rep. Lauren Underwood

In introducing his bill, Senator Durbin stated,

“During the pandemic, Congress created the Veteran Rapid Retraining Assistance Program to support veterans in updating their workforce skills to meet the needs of the changing economy. Unfortunately, at least one for-profit college took advantage of the program, taking in limited the VRRAP benefits of 300 Illinois veterans and leaving them with nothing to show for it,” said Durbin. “Today, Congress made good on its promise to care for our nation’s veterans by passing the common sense Veteran Rapid Retraining Assistance Program Restoration Act. Veterans will be given a much-deserved second chance at their education and the VA will be able to recoup taxpayer funds from fraudulent schools. I urge President Biden to sign this legislation quickly so that veterans can have a fresh start.”

During the debate on the House Floor, Representative Davis ended his statement by saying, “I am proud to work with Senator Durbin and Representative Underwood to restore these benefits to Illinois Veterans and all others across the country who find themselves in similar circumstances.”

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